Goals of therapy for Adults with a chronic stuttering problem

by Stephen Hood

The following goals were outlined by Stephen Hood on Stutt-L in August 2001 and are shared below with permission. The information refers primarily to adults with a chronic stuttering problem of long standing, not to children in the early developmental stages of stuttering. Dr. Hood emphasizes that for those with a chronic stuttering problem, "success is more than the absence of stuttering. Rather than chase the "fluency god," it is better to learn to cope with stuttering and reduce its severity."

Basing "success" on merely reducing the frequency of stuttering is often not very realistic. I think a better goal should be this:

List of personal goals
  1. I no longer need to chase the Fluency God
  2. I can live without constant fear of stuttering
  3. I can speak well without scanning ahead for difficult words
  4. I can speak for myself without relying on others to talk for me
  5. I can explore and follow career opportunities that require talking
  6. I can make decisions in spite of stuttering, not because of it
  7. I am not suffering or handicapped because of my stuttering
  8. I accept myself
  9. I do not feel guilty when I stutter and I am not ashamed of myself when I do sometimes stutter
  10. I have choices I can make that help me talk easily
  11. I communicate effectively, and feel comfortable doing so
  12. I am really an ok person -- and I like being me.

added October 23, 2001