CAFET - Computer Aided Fluency Establishment Trainer

Cost: $4,130.00 with necessary hardware or Op. Sys: DOS
Computer: IBM compatibles, 286 up
Color monitor required
Manual Length: 280 pages, printed

Cafet is a program designed for use by a speech-language pathologist in clinical treatment of stuttering in adults and adolescents. The hardware, consisting of a plug-in circuit board, respiratory sensor, and tie-clip microphone, offers the stuttering client continuous real-time visual biofeedback that integrates airflow characteristics with voicing time and amplitude simultaneously. The core program (average 22 hours of treatment) proceeds in 54 modular steps, each of which teaches a new phonatory and respiratory skill. The steps monitor performance in six key target areas: diaphragmatic breathing, continuous airflow, pre-voice exhalation, gentle voice onset, continuous phonation, and adequate breath support. The targets are manipulable by the clinician to meet individual client needs. The second stage of the program (transfer: averaging 6 -10 hours) emphasizes using the skills in the real world.

Session data is automatically captured on a separate diskette for later printout.

Included in the price of the original system with hardware is a complete manual with stimulus lists and a three day training seminar for the administering clinician.