Precision Fluency Shaping Program

The Hollins Communication Research Institute provides an intensive therapy program that centers on the belief that the act of stuttering is a physical phenomenon. The program is based on the identification of specific muscle movements and training procedures that permit people who stutter to replace distorted speech movements with undistorted movements that generate fluent speech.

The therapy program is based on 12 years of research on speech muscle movements in people who stutter. Fine gradations of speech muscle movement patterns are established, which leads to improved fluency, gives each person using the program immediate feedback of information about his progress, permits him to advance through the problem at his own rate and facilitates retention of newly improved fluency. They do not recommend individuals try the program unless they are willing to work ten hours a week in a supervised clinical environment. They feel that excessive spacing of practice time reduces the rate and quality of learning, and this, in turn, reduces motivation to work through the program.

last modified May 12, 1997