This is an intensive therapy program designed for advanced adolescent and adult stutterers from the age of 15 through adulthood. All of the participants stay in a university dormitory which provides the opportunity to relate closely with one another. All participants are in therapy four hours daily, and work in pairs and small groups under supervision on Saturdays and Sundays. The therapy consists of both group and individual work to meet specific needs of each person. This program does not advocate a cure for stuttering, but their emphasis , which is a "modification of stuttering symptoms approach," is designed to assist the stutterer in learning to successfully manage and control the stuttering.

A considerable amount of time is devoted to the reduction and elimination of word and situation fears and to improving the stutterers' self-image by participating in many outside speaking situations which include talking on the telephone, talking to groups and classes, and talking to clerks and strangers. Much time is also devoted to the identification and evaluation of the individual's outward stuttering pattern. This is followed by teaching the stutterer to handle and control the stuttering. They also have follow-up program to assist in maintaining improvement. This program has been running for 30 summers and has provided lasting results.

Eastern Washington University
Location: 526 Fifth Street Ms-106,
Cheney, WA 99004-2431
Phone: (509)359-2302 Fax: (509)359-6802
Coordinator: Dorvan H. Breitenfeldt, Ph.D.
Fees: $800 for diagnostic and therapy; approx. $750 for room and board