NJ Youth Day: Celebrating Me/Taming The Speech Monster Workshop

organized by Lucy Reed

My workshop for the kids 7-9 worked out really well. We had 5 boys who stutter and two brothers who don't stutter. We had 1.5 hours for the workshop. A few SLPs and students were in the room. One SLP was there to support her participating client. The SLPs observed without offering input. They LOVED what they saw! I thought I'd share with you what I did. I got a lot of the ideas from the 'Shame Busting' material Bill Murphy present at ASHA last year. I did a lot of easy voluntary stuttering throughout, and focused on eye contact with them. It was a great session!! Maybe some of you have already done these kinds of things, but it's all new to me!

  1. Charades

  2. Drawing a picture of stuttering

  3. Clay stutters

  4. Speech Monster Balloons

  5. Teasing trouble shooting/role-playing

    added with permission of author
    December 2, 1999