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    Individual Paths Toward Recovery

    People share their personal path to long-term recovery from stuttering - for some that path has led to normal fluency, for others it has led to an acceptance of themselves as a person who stutters, whether they speak fluently or not.

    Case Studies

    This section will link to case studies about stuttering. They are included here to provide insights to persons who stutter and their families, and also for instructional purposes for students in training. The individuals who have agreed to share some of their case history are automatically placed here anonymously unless they expressly request that their identity be shared. Some of the "case histories" have appeared as posts to the various mailing lists on stuttering. We trust that those who make use of these case studies will respect the privacy of these individuals if they are recognized.

    Snippets - points of view

    providing interesting points for discussion

    Occasionally I receive or read on the stuttering mailing lists, "snippets" from individuals that I feel would provide valuable opportunities to learn from a special insight provided by an individual or a launching pad for more discussion. With their permission, I will include such material below. JAK

  • Nuggets - a request to Stutt-L on October 30, 1998, by Nan Bernstein-Ratner for people to post a single "message" or "nugget" that they would want all SLPs who treat stuttering (or the field) to know brought the following responses.

    I was born in 1938 in the mid-west. In grammer school, of what I remember is hazy,but I do recall that I didn't like it. Now high school that I do recall. I hated every day of it. I would get "comments" and bust them one. In a public school it would be much more accepted, but I was in a catholic school. The treatment I mean. But people are people. After doing the school thing I had to a lot of self -evualation, and get over the wounded pride nonsense. I had to get "real" and learn to cope with "them" instead "them" coping with me. After all they were there first. People just have to develope a philosophy that is unique to themselves without stepping on anyones toes. I feel it's good withdraw into yourself [in a positive way of course] You can't turn into a basket case. Just see what you'r doing and what it's getting you into. I've worked many jobs, all low paying but thats all right, living close to the belt builds character, teaches one to live within ones means. I own my home [mobil trialer] paid for. Have many things. without worrying about tomarrow. I have found inner peace. I am a christian. I am part of the church that I attend. I am on the worship team, the sound end of it. I help set up the mics and help get the it to sound right. But I do have a problem with praying out loud, lack that kind of confidence. Some things you never lose, things do not need to ever overwhelm you. In other words maintain a positive control. Every thing can be reduced to playing "the game" . Everyone plays. Just remember the rules [PLAY NICE]. Noone needs to get hurt. Most of all YOU!!!

    added November 26, 1998

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