Online Resources on Cluttering: The Other Fluency Disorder

by Judy Kuster

A short column that I wrote "Cluttering: The Other Fluency Disorder", appeared in The ASHA Leader, March 2009. The column featured several internet resources about "cluttering," and began Typing "clutterer" into a standard search engine quickly leads to resources about hoarding and how to organize/declutter your life. After taking the quiz and determining that I am a clutterer, I am considering joining "clutterers anonymous.".

But to a speech-language pathologist, a "clutterer" is a person who has a unique, relatively unknown fluency disorder. For many years, the classic book by Deso Weiss, (1964) Cluttering, Prentice Hall, was the most widely referred to resource on cluttering.

Below is an attempt to integrate online information about Cluttering into a single site which can be referenced as up-to-date cluttering resources on the Internet as of the time website was created. The site includes:

As cluttering becomes more recognized, researched, and recorded, more Internet resources may be added to this list which is part of the Stuttering Home Page


  • St. Louis, K.O., Raphael, L.J., Myers, F.L., and Bakker, K. 2003, Nov. 18. Cluttering Updated. The ASHA Leader, pp. 4-5, 20-22 (Includes "More on Cluttering" which "shows additional difficulties with articulation, rate and speech intelligibility" at the end of the article.
  • St. Louis and Florence Myers A synopsis of Cluttering and its Treatment (1998 ISAD online conference).

    Problems with Defining Cluttering

    Cluttering: A Multi-cultural perspective

    From Consumers: People who live with cluttering


  • Joseph Dewey on Cluttering (a 30 minute video - if the link doesn't work, use this URL ) by Joseph Dewey Comments and questions (online conference)
  • YouTube - Benedictine Monastery by Joseph Dewey
  • An interview with Peter Kissagizlis: Cluttering and Me by Peter Kissagizlis (formerly of the UK)includes a link to Comments (from the ICA online conference)including an excellent example of cluttered speech.
  • The Stuttering Foundation has an excellent 42 minute video on Cluttering available for $10.


  • International Cluttering Association's Where to look for help if one clutters (ICA)

    A large section of "Assessment and Treatment Information and Tools for Cluttering" has been developed as part of Examples of Materials That Can Be Adapted For Therapy. Direct URL to CLUTTERING MATERIALS


  • Kuster's extensive Cluttering Bibliography starting 1946 through 2008 (SHP) A volunteer to update this is welcome to contact me
  • Bibliographies about cluttering in three languages (ICA)
  • PROCEEDINGS of the First World Conference on Cluttering (First World Cluttering Conference, 2007 Katarino, Bulgaria) are now available as a *.docx file (April 14, 2010) from the International Cluttering Association site.
  • Cluttering Education in Canadian University Programs - 2009 Survey Carla Di Domenicantonio (Canada) Questions/comments(online conference)
  • Verbal Time Estimation in Cluttering Emily Garnett and Kenneth St. Louis (West Virginia, USA) Questions/comments(online conference)
  • Differences in Hesitations between Clutterers and Non-Clutterers by Emily Garnett and Kenneth St. Louis (West Virginia, USA) Questions/comments(online conference)
  • Articulatory Variability in Cluttering by Mariam Hartinger and Christine Mooshammer, Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica 2008;60:64-72
  • For several years, ASHA has maintained handouts presenters at the annual ASHA conventions have provided. There are some handouts archived for presentations about cluttering. Authors and Titles are listed below for several conferences which were at one time linked below. ASHA moved all the resources. They can now be found by accessing the ASHA website directly. More recent conferences can also be searched using the keyword "cluttering."


  • The July 2009, Volume 19, Number 2 Perspectives, a peer-reviewed newsletter for ASHA Division 4: Fluency and Fluency Disorders, is password protected. It provides good information about cluttering.
  • An article on Wikipedia provides some interesting information on the history of cluttering
  • Cluttering: Resolving the Mystery PPT presentation by Ellen Bennett Lanouette for the 2008 Texas Speech-Language and Hearing Association.
  • Cluttering - brief explanation about cluttering from Speech Disorder website
  • Cluttering: Specialists work to put it on the map of fluency disorders by Jason Mosheim, Vol. 14, Issue 47, Page 6 ADVANCE Magazine
  • Possible Class Handout on Cluttering
  • Cluttering - one of Super Duper's "Handy Handouts" (PDF)
  • Spoonerisms - information about Spoonerisms, a symptom sometimes mentioned in association with cluttering.
  • A cartoon by Jenny Loehr attempts to depict "the fundamental difference between cluttering and stuttering".
  • Help The ICA Choose a Logo by Kathleen Scaler Scott (Pennsylvania, USA) Questions/comments(online conference)
  • Speech Cluttering discussion from 2007 on's "General Autism Discussion" added to information on Cluttering
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