IFA Workshop on Stuttering in School Children.

Slagelse, Denmark, August 4-6, 2000.


Workshop hours

Aug 4: 10 — 17; Aug 5 and 6: 9 — 17

Goal group

Speech therapists working with treatment of stuttering in school children age 10+ and teenagers.


To give the participants an understanding on the impact of stuttering on the life of a stuttering person emphasizing school age children and teens. To give the participants an overview and some "hands-on" tools of the treatment approaches Stuttering Modification and Fluency Shaping, and their Integrated Approach. Enable participants to critically evaluate methods and select and employ pertinent elements and strategy for intervention in accordance with the diagnosis of the particular stuttering person.


Cartherine Montgomery and Tom Gurrister, both from the USA. Both are very experienced stuttering therapists. Gurrister has worked for 15 years at the University of Utah with the Successful Stuttering Management Program and in private practice specializing in stuttering. Montgomery started out over 25 years ago working in schools, since 1979 she has specialized exclusively in the treatment of stuttering, working at the American Institute for Stuttering. Gurrister started out in Stuttering Modification, Montgomery in Fluency Shaping. Both have moved towards an integrated therapy, which they are now practising addressing the physical as well as the psychological aspects of stuttering. Both have been members of the National Stuttering Association for many years.

Contents of the workshop

Components of integrated therapy involving components from Stuttering Modification and from Fluency Shaping.

Elements adressing the psychological aspects of stuttering.

Elements adressing the physical aspects of stuttering.

It is a workshop with informative lecture, but mostly hands on training and interaction between participants and lecturers. Lots of video excerpts will demomstrate the principles. The workshop will cover the age range of children from 10 years and up, but the topics can be applied to adults as well.


You may participate in the workshop even if you do not participate in the IFA Congress.

Workshop language

English, very easy to understand for people from non-English speaking countries.


Please fill in the Registration Form below and mail, fax or e-mail it to Hermann Christmann no later than May 31, 2000.


Danish Kroner (DKK) 2800 or US Dollars (USD) 400 including accomodation (in 3-4 bed rooms), food and workshop fee. A limited number of two-bed rooms are available for an extra DKK 100 per person per night. The workshop takes place at "Ungdomsborgen", a quite luxurious youth hostel frequently used for workshops and courses. The place is situated in green surroundings in Slagelse, a city with 30 thousand inhabitants, one hour from Copenhagen and 30 minutes from Nyborg and the Congress site. Train connections every 30 minutes.

Payment (there are two ways of paying)

A: You may make a S.W.I.F.T. bank transferral to Unibank, 1786 Copenhagen V, DENMARK. The S.W.I.F.T. address is: UNIB DK KK.

If you pay in US dollars, please quote Bank Code 2620, and account no: 5005 9104 22.

If you pay in Danish Kroner, please quote Bank Code 2620, and account no: 3483 9167 43.

Text of the payment: "Continuing Education" and your name.

B: You may make a check (in US Dollars or Danish Kroner) made to "IFA Cont. Educat." and send it to Hermann Christmann (see address below).

Please send your payment no later that May 31, 2000.

Additional information

Hermann Christmann, Bregnevej 10, 9800 Hjørring, DENMARK. Phone: +45 98 92 79 61. Fax: +45 98 90 34 97. E-mail: hc@has.dk - Do not hesitate to contact me.



Please cut along the dotted line Mail, fax or e-mail the Registration Form to Hermann Christmann




IFA Workshop on Stuttering in School Children.

Slagelse, Denmark, August 4-6, 2000.





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