From Letting Go, Jr. 2-91, V4. no. 6. Shared by Gerald Johnson

- To Parents -

Verbal Valentines Can Make Your Child's World a Little Warmer

Sometimes the world can be a pretty cold place. We all shoot barbs of criticism at each other. One of the most common causes of criticism is our fear of being abandoned or rejected. This is embarrassing to admit, so we hide our hurt by lashing out at the very people who are dearest to us.

Children are at a disadvantage, because they are usually forbidden to be plain-spoken and critical of their parents. They depend on their parents for food, shelter - everything! They also love their parents more than anyone else in the world. For all these reasons, disapproval from a parent is especially painful.

Being just like us, if the pain is sharp enough, they will try to hide it. It's hard to say. "I need you. Please don't be mad at me!"

added November 3, 1998