International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference


accessible online through the Stuttering Home Page (


Instructor: Judy Kuster (

CEU Coordinator: Carol Myhre (




The online conferences are available for 1.5 CEUs (15 hours) or 1 credit each. You may register for as many of the online conferences as you wish. The course is "variable credit." Students often register for 3 credits (three online conferences) as an elective rather than taking a different elective outside their interest area. Registration information is available here ( The good news for those who are out-of-state is that MSU, Mankato has started a new policy. If you are only taking a course that is offered totally online (like this one is) you can request residency status and pay at the in-state tuition rate for either graduate or undergraduate credit. For students paying tuition through reciprocity (Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba) ( the reciprocity rate prevails. Instructions to be granted 100% Learner Status are available at

1. Each participant must read EVERY panel and paper as well as scan "The Professor is In" from the conference/s they register for. Please note: past conferences are NOT live due to their being offered a second time, so the opportunity to interact with the authors in not available. The threaded discussions were only "live" from October 1-22 of the year of that conference. However, the comments and questions on the threaded discussions are still available to read.

2. Each participant is required to distill each of the articles (including panel discussions and audio offerings where available) into a succinct (2-3 sentences is fine) summary paragraph. Then, add a sentence or two relating something you learned from each (a kernel of knowledge or an insight). These summaries should be sent via postal mail to the address listed below.

3. Each participant should review the threaded discussions attached to each paper. Choose six papers from the conference/s you are doing and post a question for the author. Make sure that your questions you are asking have not been asked already. Be sure to do this while the conference is still "live" giving the author's at least a week to respond (i.e. you should have at least six papers read and your questions posted before October 15). Remember that the threaded discussions will close October 22, although you will still have plenty of time to complete all the other assignments. If you are taking past conferences, and after your written summary (requirement 2) pose a question you would have liked to ask for six of the papers.

4. Each participant must provide a 1 page written feedback about the format and content of the course. The feedback should be sent via postal mail to the address listed below.

Assignment Deadline -- All assignments are due two weeks before the end of the semester


5. GRADUATE CREDIT participants must write a 5-8 page paper relating how their learning for this conference has been integrated or will be integrated into his or her own professional practice. This paper should be sent via postal mail to the address listed below.

6. Students registering for graduate credit must apply to the Graduate College for non-degree seeking status. There is no fee for this application, and it is a simple procedure. To print out the necessary form, go to

Assignment Deadline - All assignments are due two weeks before the end of the semester

Please sent #2, 3, and 4 to:
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Attn: Judith Kuster
103 Armstrong Hall
Mankato, MN 56001