Request for Proposals: Studies of the SpeechEasy Device


Janus Development Group, Inc. invites grant applications to conduct basic and applied research studies into mechanisms of action and outcome effectiveness of the SpeechEasy device, and the technology that the device employs.


For this funding cycle, proposals will be given priority if they address basic research on responses to perturbed auditory feedback (e.g., DAF, FAF, combined signals) in children between the ages of 8 and 18, including but not limited to speech fluency and its underlying acoustic and/or kinematic features.


Other types of proposals may be submitted, but will be given lower priority for funding. Any such proposals must address one of the following:


  •      Comparisons of two or more groups of children and/or adolescents who stutter who receive traditional treatment versus a group whose treatment program includes the SpeechEasy. Age, stuttering severity, and gender need to be controlled.


  •      A series of single participant studies of the conditions noted above, in which the participants serve as their own controls.


    We will consider study proposals that satisfy one or more of the following requirements:

    We anticipate that each award will be for a period of one or two years in an amount not to exceed $50,000.  Funding will be granted for the following categories:

    Funding will not be granted for any of the following expenses:

    Budgets are reviewable and subject to modification by the review panel.



    Applicants must provide a Curriculum Vitae that indicates appropriate training in research design and statistical analysis. Graduate students working under the supervision of a faculty researcher may apply, but must also submit their academic advisor's CV as part of the application. Applications will not be accepted from persons who are associated with Janus Development Group or their families, or from members of the Review Panel.



    Application Process


    Letter of Intent


    The applicant must first submit a Letter of Intent via email to Janus, Inc. that includes the following information:

    a)     A concise description of the proposed project including: specific aims, methods and expected results.

    b)     A clear explanation of the project's relevance to one or more goals of this RFP and potential basic or applied research significance.

    c)     Names, titles and institutional affiliations of active collaborators/co-investigators in addition to the PI (excludes consultants, postdoctoral fellows, students and technicians)


    The Letter of Intent cannot exceed 2 pages (approximately 1000 words).  Janus, Inc. and its Research Review Panel will invite Full Proposals only from previously submitted Letters of Intent.  Full Proposals must be consistent with aims and methods articulated in the Letter of Intent.


    Proposal Preparation


    Full Proposals invited after review of Letters of Intent should be written in 11 point Arial font with 1-inch margins all around.


    A typical pilot study proposal will include the following sections:


    A)    Abstract (maximum 500 words), which must describe the project goal(s) and/or hypothesis, specific aims, research methods, expected results and basic research or clinical relevance.

    B)    Research Plan (maximum 10 single-spaced pages not including separately uploaded figures and tables, if they will add to the clarity and content of the application):

    1.     Hypothesis and Specific Aims

    2.     Background and Significance

    3.     Preliminary studies conducted by the applicant, if available (optional)

    4.     Research Plan and Methods

    C)    Bibliography with complete literature citations including titles and all authors

    D)    Annual Budget: Investigator salaries and benefits, and tuition reimbursement for any research team member are not allowed. See pp.1-2 for allowable budget items.

    E)    Budget justification: Justify personnel costs, project-dedicated resources, services and equipment and any unusually costly expenses or travel

    F)     Description of relevant facilities and necessary on-site and off-site resources

    G)    Biographical Sketches of Investigator(s): We prefer NIH format, not to exceed 3 pages each

    H)    Protection of Human Research Subjects: All proposed research must undergo review by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) for protection of human subjects. Documentation of IRB approval, along with copies of the protocol, Consent Form, and Minor Assent Form, if used, must be provided before awards can be made. Proposals must include the name, contact information, and federal-wide assurance (FWA) number of the IRB used, along with the proposed protocol title and if available, the protocol number assigned by the IRB. Applicants are encouraged to begin the IRB review process early, as the approval process can take some time.

    I)      Letter of endorsements


    Post- Award Considerations


    Annual Reports will be expected from all funded individuals/groups receiving support for greater than one year.

    A Termination/Completion Report will be expected from all funded projects, to include full description of findings and dissemination plans.


    Janus Development Group, Inc. will provide the following "in-kind" support to successful research applications:



    Submission of Letters of Intent and Proposals


    Letters of Intent and Full Proposals are to be submitted by email to:

                Janus Development Group
                Attn: Alan Newton
                112 Staton Rd.
                Greenville, NC 27834


    Attachments should be in Word (PC platform). Proposal submission will be confirmed by email to the applicant.


    For 2009, submission dates are:


    Letter of Intent Due: August 31, 2009
    Invitation to Submit Proposal: October 16, 2009

    Full Proposal Due: January 8, 2010


    IMPORTANT! Letters of Intent and Full Proposals will NOT BE ACCEPTED after their due dates unless prior written permission is obtained. Janus reserves the right to return without review materials not considered to be in compliance with the information provided in this RFP.


    Review Process and Evaluation Criteria:

  •        Proposals will be reviewed by the Janus Research Review Panel.


    Pilot study proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:


    Please direct questions about this proposal to Alan Newton by telephone at (252) 551-9042 or by email at: