This edition of the student "journal" is dedicated to a class project from Charles Osborne's graduate class in stuttering at the University of Wisconsin - Steven's Point. The class members teamed to present eight "posters" and powerpoint presentations on various approaches to stuttering therapy. To open the presentations, you must have a powerpoint player installed on your computer. Some web browsers will open the powerpoints directly, others will download the powerpoints to your computer for you to view.

Stuttering Modification: The Van Riper Approach
by Kristin Zunker and Lindsay Casper

Systematic Fluency Training for Young Children
by Katherine Block and Lisa Wasmundt

Self-Therapy for Adults Who Stutter
by Karlyn Hall, Wai Ching Fong, and Genesis Cratsenberg

The Lidcombe Program
by Lorrie Mittelstaedt and Stacey Lamers

Precision Fluency Shaping Program.
by Teri Christensen and Rachel McInnis

Generating Fluent Speech
by Maggie Comeau, Lindy Mamerow, and Sarah Skahan

The Demands and Capacities Model.
by Jamie E. Dolan Wallace and Laura Capizzi

Camperdown Program
by Josie Kilde and Candace Mariucci

added January 1, 2006