Three Baby Bunny Rabbits

by John Karpinski

There were three baby bunny rabbits. They were the best of friends. They did almost everything together. Gabby and Chatter would talk non-stop. They talked about boys, carrots, where to find the best grass. The last rabbit, Timid, did not talk as much. In fact she hardly spoke a word. But that was okay with Gabby and Chatter because it gave them more time to blab.

One day Timid did not meet them in the field of flowers as it was their practice to do every morning. They figured she was sick so they hopped and scampered along. Later that day Chatter and Gabby were worried about their friend so they set out to find her. They searched for hours and were about to give up.

Suddenly they saw a bunch of squirrels throwing nuts at something. Now, the squirrels were not very nice. They picked on creatures who were shy. As Chatter and Gabby sneaked closer they saw it was Timid they were hitting with the nuts.

Chatter hollered at Liz, the head squirrel, "Stop that right now." Liz turned to her and asked, "Why doesn't Timid tell me to stop?" Timid twitched her little nose and hung her head low. Then Timid looked up and spoke. "Th-they alw-w-w-ways pi-pi-pick on m-m-m-me." Liz and the other squirrels laughed at Timid. But Gabby and Chatter chased them away.

For the first time Timid's friends understood why she kept to herself. Timid was scared that now they knew the truth they would not want to be her friend anymore. Timid started to head home when Gabby and Chatter hollered out, "Where are you going?" Timid was so happy she quickly caught up with them.

added November 13, 2014