Trying to speak a second language can be a hassle

by Damian

When speaking English, my native language, I have enough problems with my stuttering. However, my troubles with speaking in English proved infinitesimal compared to my problems speaking Greek. I lived in Greece for five years. I attended an American school. My speech therapist in Greece was an American. Fortunately or unfortunately, an encounter with the outside (and very foreign) world was inevitable. Most of my peers at school were Greek or half-Greek, so I eventually picked up some Greek. Learning Greek was a wonderful experience but speaking it could be a real hassle. I found myself constantly struggling with hundreds of sounds, most of which don't exist in English. It was very hard to get used to the language. However, Greek is such a beautiful language that, though I have left Greece, I am continuing my study of it. I have no intentions of admitting defeat to my stuttering, ever more so because of my experience with the Greek language.

added February 28, 1998