The stuttering chimp

by Alex, age 9

Bruce the Chimp was a small, weak chimp who stuttered. He
stuttered on s words, n words, t words, h words, and d words.
He lived in a town called Stutterville. One hot day a mouse
named Frodo moved into Stutterville. Bruce watched
curiously as Frodo moved into a huge, yellow house. After 10
minutes Frodo leaped out the door and landed in front of
Bruce. Frodo was a little bit shorter than Bruce. "H-h-h-h
Hello what is your n-n-n-n name?" whispered Bruce." You
talk stupidly"! screamed Frodo. Frodo felt great after he
yelled that out. Bruce felt like Frodo's anger got passed on to
him! The next morning Bruce hurled himself out the door
and found himself in a cage!!!!!!! His eye caught Frodo on top
of a Mouse shaped Parade Float. There was a big banner that
said Welcome To Stuttering is DumbVille. But suddenly
Bruce broke the bars in the cage YES! He thought to himself
he jumped on the parade float and picked Frodo up in the
air!" You better apologize to me or I will kick you out of
town!" But just at that moment Bruce shoved a Stutter pill
in Frodo's Mouth! "I-i-i-i-i-I am s-s-s sorry f-for hurting your
f-f-f-f feelings" whispered Frodo. "I accept the apology," replied
Bruce, "but it is not over yet." Bruce glared at Frodo.

added November 22, 2012