The Stuttering Storm Cloud

By: Alex C. (age: 9)

A.J. the storm cloud had a very bad stutter. He stuttered on words that started with a, g, j, h, y and s. A.J. always felt negative, because of his speech. This was the reason why he made all of that thunder and lightning. On a dark day in April, A.J. was busy doing his job, making a storm. Suddenly, the downpour stopped and the thunder and lightning disappeared! A.J. whipped around and he saw his enemy! Sam the Sun was shining as bright as a fully charged flashlight down through the white clouds.

"Um, can't y-y-y-y-you see I'm a-a-a-a little busy-y here!" yelled A.J. at Sam.

"I don't care!" snorted Sam.

"Your weird clouds and horrible rain annoy everyone!" shrieked Sam.

"You want to know why you're a dreary storm cloud? Because you talk wrong!" screamed Sam.

Sam floated away back into space. A.J. felt sad. He believed that maybe the reason he annoyed people was because he stuttered. Later in the day when Sam was beaming, A.J. was reading a book about storm clouds who stutter.

A.J. jerked his head up from the book and exclaimed: "S-S-Sam was wrong!" A.J. soared over to Sam. Before A.J. could explain to Sam that his stuttering was not the cause of thunder and lightning, A.J. turned into a white, clean, fluffy cloud.

A.J. discovered that his stuttering did not define him. He felt happy and relieved to learn that stuttering was not the cause of his dreary weather. He could allow his true, happy personality to shine now. A.J. realized that now that he was confident, he turned bright. It's always good to be raining once and a while, but it's also great to believe in yourself.


added May 7, 2013