It's Me

by David B.,
a sixth grader in Apple Valley, MN

I stutter you see,
It's part of me.
I stutter you see,
It's me.

I have a cat,
We like to play,
and mess around
all night and day.

she and I ,
we talk so free
she never would
make fun of me

I stutter some
I don't know why
But she won't laugh
Or make me cry

Stuttering is not like this
Poem you see
It's not so smooth and
Easy for me

It's more like this
I do not worry or
When I tttalk to my cat Honey
She doesn't sssstare or smirk

I stutter you
It's part of me
I stutter you see
It's me

sent by David and his speech therapist, Lisa Evans added March 8, 2001