Rapping about Stuttering

About my friend

My friend Shauntez he use to make fun of me when I stutter well not like that but kind of laugh a little but now were in 6th grade he don't make fun of me that much anymore he just lets me speak but this dude Erick he always got to talk about me I feel like knocking him out but I don't want to get in trouble but Shauntez he is my best friend but I get shy stuttering in front of parents I don't know why I just do and when I stutter in front of the class or in front of a friend or a group or 1 or 2 friends I kinda feel shy but anyway look underneath this I'm goin to spit a rap.

I might stutta but I fight like thunda

Yo yo look look I might stutta but I fight like thunda
because I'm the number one stunna
when you stutta people don't unda stand ya
and if we fight ill be the winna
you just gotta let it go
let the words go out the trap doe
let them go
let them flo
just talk some mo
people got the nerve to talk but they wont walk
what they gonna do
they don't rule you

(yo I'm new at this rappin about speech. I always rap about other things not appropriate for school my speech teacher says but anyway here's the rest of the rap) So don't get mad this is my first time about speech) PEACE!!!!!!!!!!

Yo boy _jdog aka jt aka julian

added May 26, 2008