The following was written when Lester (age 11) was asked by his speech clinician to turn his stutter into a person and then to talk to the stutter/person. He shares his story below. (JAK)


by Lester L.

Deep in the pits of the Burp family, Stutter Girl, the only woman in the house had to take care of her clown brother, Burp Boy. He did nothing but sit down and watch the Simpsons all day. Stutter Girl needed to do something bad. So, she went to Mr. Starkweather's house, and played a prank on him. He had a meeting with all the students. She took all of the reports and mixed them up. He switched Margie's report and Kathy's report. This caused havoc in Weiss Hall. She was happy about doing something bad. She gained more power by doing so.

Her brother was bothering her and asked her if she wanted to go to the dollar store. She got mad. Her brother knows that she hates the dollar store because they sell the super-duper cheap scissors that can cut her hair and make her power go away. This means that she will turn into an average girl and her feet will get smaller. But, nobody but her family knows that this is her weakness.

She went to a boy named Lester's house. He took no crap from anybody. She tried to make him stutter but he smacked her with a Time magazine. Lester followed her home one day and he was astonished. How stupid could a family be?! He went in her room. He tried to find her diary. He read about her weakness. He went straight to the dollar store and bought a pair of super-duper cheap scissors. He took the dollar store bag and hung it up on her door. When she came in she was furious. Lester was waiting outside her door. She came out and he cut her hair. She was screaming and screaming, but Burp Boy was watching the Simpsons. She turned into an average girl and was never heard of again.


added with permission December 4, 1997