The Giant Who Stuttered

By Thomas D.

Long, long ago, before the dinosaurs stepped on Earth, there lived a giant family. The giant family had a baby named Stutter. The mother and father loved Stutter very much, and would never let anyone take stutter away from them. But one day, the terrible, evil giant, named Gutter, stole Stutter away from them.

The mother and father got very mad at Gutter and turned him into a toy so Stutter could play with him. But that didn’t change anything, because when Gutter stole Stutter, he had put a spell on him. The spell was that when Stutter got older, he would stutter on every word he spoke and then the world would shake.

Stutter’s mother and father didn’t want Stutter to stutter when he got older. But even with every spell the good giants did to Stutter, nothing could prevent the evil spell that Gutter had put on him.

Years passed, and Stutter was a five-year-old giant now. One day, Stutter wanted to ask a question to his parents, but he couldn’t get his words out correctly. Stutter knew that something was wrong about him. But he didn’t know what it was, until his parents told him the story of why he stuttered. After hearing the fateful story, Stutter began to cry. He knew that his life would be so terrible.

One night, Stutter snuck out of bed to a boat near the river. Stutter left his home because he didn’t want anyone else to hear his terrible voice. He sailed all day and all night until he saw an island. He jumped out of the boat and swam to the island. When he got there, he looked around to see if anyone was on the island. Soon, he knew he was all alone on the island. He was very happy.

But back home, the giants were crying because they couldn’t find Stutter anywhere. Stutter’s mother and father were crying the most. They knew that Stutter had left them because he stuttered. Soon, the giants decided to look for him on another island.

Meanwhile, Stutter was enjoying himself on the island. He was glad to talk to no one. One day, Stutter met a fat frog near the creek. "GGGGGGGood mmmmmmmmmorning ffffffrog," said Stutter. "AAAAAAnd ggggood mmmmorning ttto yyyyyou," said the frog. "DDDDo yyyou ssssssstutter?" asked Stutter. "YYYYYes I dddo. DDDo you?" replied the frog. "III ssstutter vvvvery mmmuch." The two of them talked to each other and became stutter friends. That night, Stutter and the frog realized that they both had run away from home because of their stuttering.

Ten years had passed already. But the giants couldn’t find Stutter anywhere. At last, the giants came to the island Stutter was on. But they did not see him. Instead, they just saw a huge frog and a giant. The giants ran away, not even noticing that the giant they saw was Stutter. The giants went home to forget about Stutter. Even his mother and father forgot about him.

But one day, Stutter wanted to go home. He missed his family. He said goodbye to the poor frog who wanted Stutter to stay with him. When Stutter returned home, nobody recognized him at all. They thought he was just another giant. Stutter remembered where he lived and walked into his cave home. His mother and father saw him and screamed. But Stutter told them not to be afraid. He was their son. When the mother and father recognized him, they almost fainted.

That night there was a big celebration going on for Stutter’s arriving back home. The frog also went home to his family, and they all lived happily ever after.