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Online opportunities for Teens Who Stutter

  • Friends: The National Association of Young People Who Stutter
  • National Stuttering Association - has TWST (Teens Who Stutter) groups designed for teenagers who stutter and their families. Teen groups help adolescents who stutter meet others who have faced similar challenges in their lives. Teens are also welcome at the adult chapter meetings. The NSA also has many Social Media and Internet Groups including one specifically designed for Teens Who Stutter

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    Learning About Stuttering

  • There is a lot of good information about stuttering either on or linked to The Stuttering Home Page
  • For Teens from the Stuttering Foundation provides a major page devoted to Teens Who Stutter.
  • A brochure by the Stuttering Foundation of AmericaTurning Teens on to Therapy by William H. Perkins, reprinted from Do You Stutter: A Guide For Teens.
  • The British Stammering Association provides Stammering Information for Teenages and Young Adults Who Stutter
  • Tammy Bryant-McMillin is a speech therapist. She has put online a Stuttering Awareness Game to help learn facts about stuttering.
  • i stutter: what's next a site for teens who stutter created by 4th year Bachelor of Speech Pathology students (Jen Bourke, Simone Fraser, Suzi Josevski, Lisa Sedgley, Brooke Streatfeild and Mitzi Tuke) in the School of Human Communication Sciences at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, under the supervision of Dr Susan Block and Mrs Fiona Ross
  • Ideas for projects about stuttering for English, history or science classes by Tom Kehoe, from his online book Stuttering: Science, Therapy and Practice

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    Books about stuttering or by people who stutter

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    Been There - Done That

    This is a place for those who are no longer teens to offer encouragement or advice about anything in particular - such as starting college, dating, getting a job, deciding on a career, finding a mentor, sticking it out in therapy - or quitting, etc.

    Looking Back and Looking Forward: It Gets Easier by Alan Badmington (Wales) Anita Blom (Sweden), Moussa Dao (Burkina Faso, Africa), Paul Goldstein (Norway), Lieven Grommen (Belgium), Andrew Harding (UK), Russ Hicks (USA), Mike Hughes (Canada), Marty Jezer (USA), Barak Liberman (Israel), Gunars Neiders (USA), Louis Roden (USA), David Shapiro (USA), and Charles Van Riper (deceased, USA)

  • It's Good To Talk About It by Alan Badmington (Wales)
  • A New Day by Anita Blom (Sweden)
  • When I was Eleven - by Andrew Harding (England)
  • Live Your Dreams! - by Paul Goldstein (Norway)
  • Words I wish an adult who stutters had told me when I was a child - by Barak Liberman (Israel)
  • Cross That Bridge - by Lieven Grommen (Belgium)
  • Class Reunions - by Russ Hicks (Texas, USA)
  • Fuhgeddaboutit - by Mike Hughes (Canada) .
  • Shame - by Marty Jezer (USA)
  • Be Yourself - by Moussa Dao (Burkina Faso, Africa)
  • The Tears Will Fade by Louis Roden (California, USA)
  • Just the Way You Are - by David Shapiro (North Carolina, USA)
  • Like Yourself, Believe in Yourself, and Work Hard to Reach Your Goals - by Gunars Neiders (Washington, USA)
  • A Message from Charles Van Riper - by Charles Van Riper (deceased, USA)
  • Andy Floyd talks about dating, starting college and finding a major.
  • Asim Khan My Life as a Student
  • Lee Reeves Her Name Was Mrs. Claussen - And She Cared, first published in The Staff, October 1992.
  • Kelly Snow encourages other teens to attend the NSP conventions.
  • Dan Wong Struggle for Acceptance, an essay written for his freshman English class.
  • Letters to my daughter were written by a dad who stutters for his daughter who also stutters.
  • Some Paths to Success: Journeys Shared by Adults Who Stutter. Return to index

    Glimpses of my life

    The funniest thing that happened to me, the most embarrassing thing that happened to me, the most satisfying or best thing that happened to me, the most upsetting thing that happened to me, because of my stuttering - whatever you care to share with others - a short paragraph (one screen) is adequate or more if you prefer. It will be posted by first name and/or initials and age, as anonymous, or with your name and email address, whatever makes sense to you at the moment.
    Email your information and tell us how you want to be cited.

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    Teens Who Stutter Speak For Themselves

    John Ahlbach, a high school teacher who stutters, has written a Stuttering Presentation Guide if you want to help your classmates and others learn more about stuttering.

  • The Stuttering Foundation also accepts drawings and notes for the newsletter and for this page on their web site

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    Creative Expression

    This is a place for pictures, short stories, poetry, home pages, etc. that you have created.

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    Some Famous People Who Stutter

  • A huge page that lists many Famous People Who Stutter. The Stuttering Foundation also has a List
  • A free download of the Stuttering Foundation's brochure with a mini poster of Famous People Who Stutter
  • Two papers from ISAD online conferences featuring short articles about several famous people who stutter. Some are historical figures and some are current examples of people who stutter who haven't let stuttering interfere with their lives or careers.
  • A website dedicated to the memory of John Larkin, also known as Scatman John, an Amercian musician who was a person who stuttered. Remembering Scatman John.

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    The Real World

  • Video: People Who Stutter, Inspire! a video by Rebekah Swain Sugarman and Michael Sugarman (California, USA)

    Also available HERE (

    Some occupations of people who stutter

  • People who stutter excel in a wide variety of careers. Several people posted information about their jobs to Stutt-l in January in response to a post by Ira Zimmerman who was writing an article for ADVANCE Magazine. His article, In Career Search, Sky's the Limit for People Who Stutter is reprinted with permission. A discussion about Giving up - or just facing reality - "Are people who stutter really limited in their career choices? Are there certain jobs that they cannot do?" - may also be appropriate.

  • EXTRAordinary People Who Stutter - an ISAD online paper by students in Judy Kuster's undergraduate stuttering class provides a glimpse of some "every-day" occupations of people who stutter.
  • Examples of jobs done by people who stammer from the British Stammering Association.
  • Additional submissions by individuals in various occupations Applying to College: Including Stuttering in your Essays and personal Statements tips for students who stutter by Vivian Sisskin

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    Therapy Opportunities Designed for Teens

  • SAY in New York City is a special program for teens who stutter. SAY also runs a summer camping program.
  • Camp Shout Out - summer camp in Michigan for youth who stutter

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    Just for Fun

  • At the 1996 NSP convention in Denver, John Ahlbach brought in a bag of green tennis balls and had about fifty of us in a big circle, teaching us about juggling. Some caught on pretty quickly. Others (e.g. me) will need more practice. John wrote Juggling -- and What It Can Do for You.

  • Songs about Stuttering

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