Words for Stuttering from around the world

Although there are many different words for stuttering all around the world, stuttering is a universal disorder. Below are the flags of countries of people who have who have used the Internet to find information about stuttering and have found the Stuttering Home Page since March 24, 2002. (flags will be added as I am able verify additional countries. If your country is missing, let me know)

The following words for stuttering is from a list collected by Richard Kitchens and Van Riper's The Nature of Stuttering, 1982, p.4 with additions/corrections by Gustaf Liljegren, Marc Maes, Atila Akay, Cecelia, Sim Hyun-Sub, Jonathan Bishop, Katie Zaman, Benny Ravid, George Petrentzev, Lou Heite, Manuel Rubin, Francisco Javier Sangorrin Garcia, Anita Makri, P.P. Kini, Erki Suurjaak, Stefan Wessels, Jesus Chavez, Leela Ahmed, J Ponjit, Taiwo Adeoye, Dr. Firouzi, Isabel O'Leary, Smilja Majevic, Alice Smith, Adele Ghamedei, Emma Shah, Smilja Majevic, Katarzyna Węsierska, Luigi Long, Hana Laciková, Selma

(If anyone can add to this list, please contact Judy Kuster)

  • The Collins German to English online dictionary has several audio links to words for stutter/stammer in several different languages (about half-way down the page)


    Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.

    last modified October 15, 2014