Letting GO

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Text material from the March/April 1996 edition has been put into html format by Judy Kuster, with permission. Members receive bi-monthly editions of Letting GO

In this Issue

  • Speaking Circles Make Debut at Los Angeles Chapter by John C. Harrison
  • Baring My Soul by Ralph Steinhauser
  • From the Executive Director by Michael Sugarman
  • The Same as Everyone Else by Stephen Sorensen
  • Chairman's Message by Paul M. Young
  • The Importantce of Being Aware by C.W. Starkweather, Ph.D.
  • Reaching Out... by Annie Bradberry
  • What's Happening
  • Stutter by Louise Heite
  • New Member Profile - Greg Reagan by Cliff Holt
  • Speaking Out - Comments and Letters
  • Chapter Profile - Dover, NH by Bonnie L. Weiss
  • Chapter News - by Bonnie L. Weiss
  • Support Yourself and the NSP