Stuttering in the Visual Arts

  • Stanislav Szukalski was an "artist, anthropologist, self-proclaimed genius. Hailed at one time as Poland's greatest living artist and a member of Chicago's cultural elite during the 1920s, Szukalski spent his last years living in undeserved obscurity in suburban Los Angeles until his death at age 93 in 1987. One of his sculptures is named A Stuttering Philosopher (1915)

  • Discussion between Marty Jezer and Lou Heite of a piece of contemporary art. Jana Sterbak's "tragic-comic view of human vanity extends to the realm of political ideology. She satirizes the zeal of dogma in Declaration (1993), a video of a man nervously stuttering.... The man's lack of control over his speech acts as a foil to the determined and confident text of the Declaration."

    You are also welcome to submit your own creative, artistic endeavors that depict "stuttering." Judy Kuster

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