Blue Christmas

Discussion about I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You

- from Stutt-L archives, December 2004, with permission

Bernie: Tonight, my sister came over, and when she walked through the door, she was fuming. . . . Seems she heard Porky Pig singing " Blue Christmas" on one of our local radio stations. My sister called the radio station. . . . After a little run around, she got a chance to talk to the station manager. He told her that the song is a favorite around Christmas time and he wasn't sure if they would stop playing it. I went out on the web and found this song and I hate to admit it ( or not ), I laughed. . . . I've never been sensitive about good old Porky, but I know some people are. And yes, I know that Porky is not politically correct these days.

Tim: When I was growing up, it never really registered to Porky Pig was making fun of people who stutter. Instead, I found out that we had something in common. I was not offended by his speech impediment, maybe some were, but I was not. The Christmas Song which has been playing on the radio, I actually enjoy listening to it. I guess there goes the mis-conception that you don't stutter if you sing! Anyway, over the past 7 years, while lecturing to students who are trying to understand this disorder. At the conclusion of my presentations, I add that I will have this in my will when I leave this world. I will have Porky Pig engraved on the back of my headstone and under it will be his famous saying, "TTTHHHAAAATTTT'SSSS AAALLLL FFFFOOOLLLLLKKKSSSSSS. It's so very important to add to humor about this disorder, it relieves so much pressure on us.

Lucy: I went on Limewire and downloaded two different versions of Porky Pig Sings Blue Christmas. One was by Mel Blanc and the other had no artist listed. Both had stupid canned laughter in the background. I was really annoyed by the laughter. It wasn't funny at all. Maybe if it had just been Porky singing I wouldn't have minded, but I found that laughter stupid and insulting. I think it was insensitive for the radio station to have played it. I think if a kid who stutters heard that played on the radio he or she would be hurt by people laughing at stuttering, even if it is a cartoon pig doing the stuttering. I usually don't mind Porky (I even have a stuffed Porky doll that stutters), but I think it was the laughing that bothered me.

Tony: Usually on those Warner Brother cartoons I find Porkies word substitution after several unsuccessful fluency attempts very clever but this e-card was just plain lame. It doesn't sound like Mel Blanc provided the voice and I doubt that WB had a hand in it at all.

"The Pig is usually insightful,
And is always quite delightful,
This e-card is just so low,
Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it Go!!"

Vicki: I think some people make WAAAAAAY too much fuss over Porky. When I was a kid, it never even occurred to me that what Porky was doing was stuttering. I didn't realize that's what it was supposed to be until I was grown and I heard someone mention that it bothered them. I was like, "Oh, that was supposed to be stuttering? Didn't sound like any I've ever heard." I think there are PLENTY of things that deserve outrage more than Porky Pig.

Christina: I'm wondering if everyone has realized that all of the Loony Toons characters (main ones) have speech impediments. They either can't say their /r/, /s/, phonological processes (I taught I taw a putty tat), fog horn leghorn repeats whole phrases etc. It is the trademark of those characters. The thing that makes us smile is how we love those characters despite their speech difficulties. I won't say that I blame people for not liking certain images, but Porky was one of my favorites growing up. He endeared me. Just my two cents.

added December 22, 2004