NSP Convention - Atlanta 1998 - Pictures

(Note: Only workshop leaders, main speakers and award recipients are identified by name. If you see your picture here and want it deleted, please contact Judy Kuster. These photos were taken with a digital camera, which works best in bright light, but you should still be able to identify several NSP friends. Darrell, feel free to "lift" any pictures you want for the NSP scrapbook. If you need me to re-size anything, let me know.)
  • Harrison Speaking Circles workshop
  • Stutt-L Eyeball
  • Howard Bingham pictures
  • Sugarman and Goldman award recipients
  • Atlanta vs. Toronto
  • Jezer's Writer's Read workshop
  • Kuster Internet Resources workshop
  • Kids at the NSP
  • Closing ceremony/crowd pictures
  • Auction
  • A few mug shots
    added July 4, 1998