Herb Goldberg

Herbert G. Goldberg died October 31, 2005 after a short illness. His obiturary from the Chicago Tribune 11/1/2005 included:

Herb was one of the pioneers of stuttering support. He founded the first NSA chapter in Chicago and was one of the first consumer representatives recognized by ASHA. He also founded a non-profit organization that brought the Edinburgh Masker to the U.S. and making it available to individuals who stutter. Herb was a good friend and mentor to many. Herb was sincerely committed to helping people who stutter. He was a person who stuttered and often used the Edinburgh Masker at conferences to assist his speech. Herb, Dave Williams and Bill Shearer (both faculty members at Northern Illinois University) appeared on the TV "That's Incredible" to demonstrate the device. He made these devices available free of charge just because he wanted to help. (information posted to SID4 mailing list by Howard Schwartz and Connie Dugan 11/2005).

Herb was elected to the NSA's Stuttering Hall of Fame in 1998 at the National Stuttering Project Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Accepting the award he started out with some pseudo (fake) stuttering, then went on with the following:

Connie Dugan has created a website which features a series of Articles by Herb Goldberg
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