By DJ Williams

I would like to celebrate with you David Williams' wide variety of

interests. David loved his intricate model building, old time airplanes

and recently several paddlewheel boats. His next love is that of

music, classical and every other kind. He rarely heard something that

he didn't like, but when he did, he would simply shrug his shoulders

and say "that isn't music." David had an amazing memory of the past -

people, places, times and events, particularly early air facts. He also

had a passion for foreign languages which was alive and well as long

as he was. David's help to other stutterers, cannot be measured, but it

was vast. His warm, rye sense of humor was enjoyed by all. He was

a master at limericks. I would sometimes shutter wondering what

would come out of his mouth next. But he would always make me

laugh. His ability to laugh at himself is demonstrated by the poster

that some of you may have seen, likening himself to the great Robert

Redford. But most of all, I will always celebrate his part in the

creation of our two wonderful daughters, Holly and Carol. Besides,

getting them started was delightful.