Hall of Fame Announcement

Joseph Diaz, Michael McDuffie

J It is with great honor and pride, the Board of Directors of the NSA, will induct Marty Jezer into the NSA Hall of Fame. Marty, writer and long time friend and supporter of the NSA passed away on June 11th. His award will read: "In recognition of his commitment to bring dignity and hope to PWS around the world. With quiet wisdom he lead by example, challenging the stuttering community to be all that we can be." Years ago a member of the NSP/NSA established a vision into reality and presented the idea of honoring those who have contributed with heartfelt passion and countless hours into our stuttering community.

Honorees have been:

Fred Murray
Mel Hoffman
Rich Wells
John Ahlbach
Michael Sugerman
Dorvan Breitenfeldt
John Harrison
the late John "Scatman" Larkin
Vivian Shenhan
Gene Cooper
Lee Reeves
Annie Glenn

This presentation will take place in Chicago on Friday morning, July 15th, during the general session. To accept this award, Marty has a nephew that lives in Chicago and will accept on behalf of the family. This will be a special moment to this special person.

Will see you in a few weeks and those who can not attend, believe me, you will be reported on all the stories fun and sad and will gather more information and photo's for the next Letting Go.

You know... we are not alone.