The information connected below is the start of a memorial to Marty Jezer, who passed away on June 11, 2005. Marty was a writer and political activist. In addition to his memoir Stuttering: A Life Bound Up in Words ( he was the author of biographies of Rachel Carson and Abbie Hoffman (which was made into the film "Steal This Movie") and a history, The Dark Ages: Life in the USA, 1945-1960, as well as numerous magazine articles and a weekly (Friday) newspaper column. He was a founding editor of WIN, an influential Vietnam era anti-war magazine, and a founder of a Vermont commune, which he wrote about in the book Home Comfort: Life on Total Loss Farm. Jezer was also co-founder of The Working Group on Electoral Democracy, a grassroots organization that conceived and promoted legislation for full public financing of elections. He helped draft model legislation that is now law in Maine and Vermont and which serves as the basis for the Clean Money Campaign Reform now promoted by the Washington D.C.-based advocacy group, Public Campaign. Marty lived in Brattleboro, Vermont, where he was an elected representative to Town Meeting. He is survived by his partner Arlene, and his daughter Kathryn. Among Marty's many contributions which are also mentioned below, he is honored here for his unique contributions to people who stutter and to the professionals who serve them. If others have more information or wish to add a tribute, please contact. Judy Kuster