Frank B. Robinson

Frank Robinson passed away December 1, 2014. He celebrated his 100th birthday in June of 2014. He received his BA from Western Michigan College of Education, MA from the University of Minnesota, and Ph.D from Ohio State. Dr. Robinson taught at Western Michigan, Ohio State, Miami (Ohio) University where he established the degree program in Speech and Hearing, and ended his academic career replacing Charles Van Riper as head of the department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at Western Michigan. He was an ASHA Fellow, Honored member of the Michigan Speech and Hearing Association, and a Life Member of the American Psychological Association.

I remember the name "Frank B. Robinson" as the author of the book Stuttering, part of the Prentice Hall series of books on Communication Disorders, published in 1965. I still have that book (along with a few from earlier years and many with a more recent copyright date from additional professionals interested in stuttering) on my professional shelf!

Dr. Robinson's daughter sent me information of her father's passing and an obituary which are attached here.

Allen Montgomery, Ph.D ASHA Fellow and Professor at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina recounts his experience with Frank Robinson (including a residential summer program for teens and adult who stuttered) "after graduating from high school that has given me almost normal fluency since then. I was so inspired by that experience that I graduated from college with a major in math and a minor in speech pathology." It is included below in honor of Dr. Robinson.

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