Lee Edgar Travis

From Fred Murray, a former client of Travis (personal correspondence) - My view is that Lee Travis' 1931 book, Speech Pathology, is a masterpiece in explaining the neurological aspects of stuttering. The later writings, citing the achievements of analytic-type therapy are, I feel, greatly exaggerated. He evidently came to this same conclusion in his twilight years by citing his belief that the root cause of stuttering lies in the organic realm and that our efforts at remediation affect only the periphery directed at compensatory tactics, usually pay off in much a amelioration of the disorder.

  • Lee Edgar Travis bio by Judy Duchan

  • My Grandpa Lee by Tina Bennett-Kastor, granddaughter of Travis - from Judy Duchan

    Lee Edgar Travis' speech from the 1968 panel discussion on "recovery" at the ASHA Convention, Denver, Colorado -- Listen with Quick Time or Real Audio (10.9MB)

    Pictures of Lee Edgar Travis - from Judy Duchan

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