Marcel Wingate

Marcel Wingate, age 86, died on November 29, 2006, of a sudden heart attack while shoveling snow outside his ranch home near Pullman, WA. Wingate attended Pennsylvania State University, graduating from Grinnell College, and earning an MA and PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Washington.

Wingate was an ASHA Fellow and a professor emeritus in Speech and Hearing Sciences at Washington State University. He began working at WSU in 1975 where he served as chair of the Speech Department from 1975-1981, and continued teaching until his retirement. He was a prolific writer and researcher, presenting information at professional conferences and authoring 60 journal articles, chapters in edited books, and four books, including Foundations of Stuttering (2002) and Stuttering: A Short History of a Curious Disorder (1999). .

He presented a definition of stuttering in 1964 that was long considered the standard for describing the condition: repetition of a sound, syllable, or one-syllable word; silent or audible prolongation; or both.

His wife Cicely, a son, four daughters, and eight grandchildren survive him.

(Information from the ASHA Leader, February 13, 2007, p. 46 with permission and Washington State University Faculty, Staff and Graduate Student News, December 15, 2006)

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