Armann and Gentle

Armann and Gentle, a wonderful book for children ages 3-7, is about a little boy and his cat, Gentle, who always listens and understands.

The book is intended to aid clinicians, parents, and teachers in helping children understand stuttering. Armann, the main character, has both positive experiences like turn-taking, a calm classroom environment, and friendship, as well as negative ones such as teasing, sibling rivalry, and the mistakes of well-intentioned adults.

Armann and Gentle was written by prizewinning Icelandic children's author Kristin Steinsdottir under the guidance of Elmar Thordarson, a speech clinician. It was first published in Iceland and has been translated into Swedish and now English. The English translation is made available by the Stuttering Foundation of America. This little book should find its way into elementary schools and city libraries, doctor's offices and speech clinic waiting rooms, and into the homes of children who are learning about stuttering. Order several copies (the current cost is $1.00 each) and help them find good homes.

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