Been There - Done That;-) -- Ideas To Talk About When Speaking To Classes About Stuttering

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  • Questions Frequently Asked By Students When A Person Who Stutters Comes To Talk In Their Class by Steve Hood (posted to Stutt-X, September 22, 2000
    1. In your own case, what do you think are some of the things that might have caused your stuttering in the first place.?

    2. What are some of the factors that you think keep your stuttering going, that are maintaining the problem?

    3. What kinds of therapy have you had in the past?

    4. What are your thoughts on self-help/support groups such as the National Stuttering Association?

    5. What are some of the things you do to postpone and avoid stuttering?

    6. What kinds of things to listeners do that you find NOT helpful?

    7. What kinds of things can listeners do that you find are helpful for you?

    8. What specific things are you working on currently, to improve your talking?

    9. Tell us some of the things that you think WE, as future clinicians, should know about the DISORDER stuttering.

    10. Tell us some of the things you think we should know about PEOPLE who stutter.

  • Emphasize The Aspects Of Stuttering That They Can't See by Marty Jezer. Posted to Stutt-X September 22, 2000 Mainly, just enjoy your role as teacher. And don't be afraid to show your stutter.
    added September 22, 2000