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Personal public relations materials that have been or can be used to educate the public about stuttering. Please send copies of things you've done and feel free to adapt the materials below to your needs. Judy Kuster

  • Stuttering Awareness Designated Times

  • Making Public Presentations

  • Newsletters

  • Brochures

  • Television/Radio Interviews

  • Magazine/Newspaper articles and letters to the editor

  • Posters about Stuttering

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    Stuttering Awareness Designated Times

    Making Public Presentations

    People who stutter are often invited to speak about their experience with stuttering. Below are some examples and ideas to assist others in taking advantage of these opportunities to educate others about stuttering.


    International Stuttering Associations

    United Kingdom


    The following brochures are not copy-righted and can be reproduced and distributed as they are printed online. Attractive, colored brochures can also be ordered from the sponsoring organization, for a small fee.

    Television / Radio Interviews

  • Check New Technologies
  • Right Here, Right Now - Jonelle - PBS autobiographical program about a women who stutters and her experience with one intensive therapy program. Aired April-May, 2000.
  • John Stossel CNN - May 13, 1997
  • Transcript of Healthweek Segment on Stuttering, taped September 25, 1997, transcribed by Ira Zimmerman and posted to Stutt-L.
  • Alan Rabinowitz 6 1/2 minute interview on the Colbert Report, June 10, 2008
  • Roundtable Interview with Pam Mertz - to dispel some of the misconception about stuttering, and discuss some of the treatment options. On WAMC, Northeast Public Radio.

    Magazine/Newspaper articles and letters to the editor

  • Talking Back To The Media: A Two Way Street, ASHA members are encouraged to play a part in insuring that the information presented in the media is accurate and professional. Perhaps you'd like to practice by formulating a response to these: or writing a thank you letter to another pediatrician, Robert W. Steele who formulated a good response to a parent inquiry.
  • October 22 is International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) - article in the Badger Herald by Paul Engelman
  • Stuttering still mystifies medical doctors, psychologists and those who have it November 16, 1999, Detroit Free Press.
  • New treatment has stutterers talking By John Morgan, USA Today Health, May 8, 2000
  • Getting The Word Out an article by Dave Kadleck in Continuum, Spring 1999.
  • Stutterers Speak Out by Sue MacDonald of The Cincinnati Enquirer, Wednesday, March 10, 1999
  • Genetic Study Brings Hope to Stutterers by Jodie S. Cohen, Detroit News, July 10, 2000.
  • Stuttering no obstacle for retired engineer from the Plano Star Courier, Jul 21 2000.
  • Stuttering can be helped with patience and professional help By Jean Gruss For (August 18, 2000.)
  • Finding The Words How Some Stutterers Are Talking Their Way Out Of Isolation By David L. Ulin. Cover feature of the Chicago Tribune Magazine, September 24, 2000.
  • Stuttering Myths, Causes and Treatements - article on Boise Health News for November 2011.

  • Letters to the editor
  • Magazine/Newspaper articles - pointers to internet news information articles and releases about stuttering.

    Posters about Stuttering

    Not all posters depicting about stuttering have been "positive." There is an interesting example of cooperation between ASHA and the National Council on Stuttering to get a poster pulled from the market.

    However, on a more positive note, putting up posters in your office, home, or dorm are good ways to provide information about stuttering. Several examples are provided below.

    Cards and Letters

    It was suggested that a thank you card (or letter) might be appropriate to send to someone who was a particularly good listener. The NSP may be developing cards, but if anyone would like to submit an electronic version which could be sent as an attachment or could be printed out, please contact
    Judy Kuster

    Other ideas

  • Stuttering Awareness Ads created by Daniele Rossi
  • A Play About Stuttering written by Valerie, a fourth grader, and performed for her class.
  • Ideas for projects about stuttering for English, history or science classes by Tom Kehoe, from his online book Stuttering: Science, Therapy and Practice
  • Armann and Gentle distribution project. Armann and Gentle is a childrens' book recently translated from Icelandic, and available from the Stuttering Foundation of America. Mankato State University students ordered 60 copies (at $1.00, they are a bargain!!) to donate to city or grade school libraries, along with an information flier on how the library could order two free videos about stuttering from the SFA.
  • Bumper stickers, T-Shirts, and buttons
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