Some Ideas If You Must Miss A Class

It is expected that if you use any of these materials for your courses, you will give appropriate credit to those who have generously provided them. It is also understood that you can update, tweak, correct any material or outdated links to websites. If you have information or materials to share, please contact Judy Kuster

  • Judy Kuster's Voices: Past and Present contains short audiotapes from some of those professionals who have left an important mark on the field of speech-language pathology, in the area of Fluency and Fluency Disorders. Ideas how to use this material -- one and two

  • James Fitch at Auburn University has developed a free, online book for his "Public Awareness" course that includes a basic chapter and quiz on stuttering - TEXT and QUIZ.

  • Explore and critically evaluate one of the following websites

  • Archive of Stuttered Speech from the UCL Psychology Speech Group WWW site. Download and evaluate audio examples of stuttered speech samples.

  • Assign students to participate on online CEU sites that are freely available for students

    Videos freely available online that can be viewed and evaluated.

  • StutterTalk Podcast hosted by Greg Snyder, Peter Reitzes, and Eric Jackson has several interesting interviews with specialists in fluency disorders that could be assigned to listen to.

    added August 8, 2007
    last revised April 26, 2008