Questions of the week

The following are real questions about stuttering. All the questions were sent over five years ago and the identifying information has been changed/removed. Besides learning about how to find valid information about stuttering, discussion might include how to talk with and about other professionals, how to figure out what question is really being asked, how to word responses, ethical issues, etc.

  • Portrayal of stuttering in the media

  • Stuttering and IDEA

  • Stuttering and specific medication

  • Stuttering in 2 1/2 year old girl
  • Stuttering in 8 year old girl
  • Stuttering in Junior High School student

  • Possible covert stutterer in middle school

  • What is going on?
  • Stuttering in Down Syndrome

  • Question from a 10 year old boy

  • From a 7 year old

  • Where should we turn?

  • Stuttering and schizophrenia?

  • Having trouble with "spoonerisms."

  • Could my stuttering indicate a neurological problem?

  • Self medicating and stuttering

  • Stuttering in the gay community

  • Stuttering and potential emotional problems

  • Relationship of stuttering to compulsive disorders?

  • Hiding stuttering

  • Stuttering and Tourette Syndrome

  • I feel like it's my fault

  • Assessment of stuttering in second language learned

  • Stuttering and required public speaking class

  • Stuttering and detox
    last updated May 24, 2008