From Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders Volume 22, Number 1, March 1957, p. 134-135.

The American Speech and Hearing Association presents THE HONORS OF THE ASSOCIATION to CHARLES VAN RIPER

In recognition of his many years of rich human leadership in the analysis and management of disorders in speech, not only as a teacher who devotes himself unstintingly to meeting the deepest educational responsibilities of the students, but also as a writer of textbooks which have a major effect on the professional thinking of students and colleges throughout the country, the Honors of the Association are awarded to Dr. Charles Van Riper.

The American Speech and Hearing Association, in convention at Chicago, Illinois, November 19, 1956.

In presenting the Honors of the Association to Charles Van Riper, the American Speech and Hearing Association has selected a person who symbolizes the breadth, depth, and progress of the Association. As educator, therapist, researcher, author and administrator, Dr. Van Riper has earned worldwide recognition in various fields of speech correction. Although most widely known for his contributions to the theory and correction of stuttering, his achievements in other areas of speech correction have warranted the respect and gratitude of the entire profession.

From his stimulating and creative start as a student at the University of Iowa, through his years as Director of the Speech Clinic at Western Michigan College, Dr. Van Riper has developed outstanding ability to understand, evaluate, and alter speech behavior. His knowledge, warmth, and skill have given aid to a long line of those handicapped in speech and have inspired many students to become effective therapists. The speech handicapped person has no greater friend than Dr. Van Riper.

For those who have sought knowledge in speech correction but who have not had the privilege of personal association with Dr. Van Riper in class room, clinic, or convention program, his many publications are a second-best revelation of the man and his values. Dr. Van Riper's writing, though scholarly and scientific, portrays a style and philosophy that make learning refreshing, vital, and personal. Impressive evidence of his effectiveness as an author is confirmed by the wide use of his Speech Correction: Principles and Methods, revised three times since 1939.

Perhaps Dr. Van Riper's greatest contribution to the handicapped, the student and the read rests in his unique combination of the scientist, the artist, and the humanitarian who has experienced so much of what he teaches.

Biographical Summary

Van Riper, Charles, Psychologist, speech pathologist; b. Champion, Mich., December 1, 1905; m. Catherine Jane Hull, 1930; ch. Cathy, Susan, John.

B.A., Univ. Michigan, 1926; High school teach., 1930-31; Res. fellow, State Univ. Iowa, 1934-36; Prof., Dir. Speech Clinic, West. Mich. Coll., since 1936.

Member, Amer. Speech and Hearing Assoc. (Fellow, 1933; Associate Editor, 1939; Councilor, 1950-52), Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, West. Mich. Cult. Improvm. and Penny Ante Soc.

Author, research reports, articles, and texts; Speech Correction: Principles and Methods; Teaching Your Child to Talk; Introduction to General American Phonetics; A Casebook in Speech Therapy; Speech Therapy; Speech in the Elementary Classroom; A Casebook in Stuttering.

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