Woodcut by Charles Van Riper
The woodcut dates from about 1925. On the back he notes, "My first attempt". The story below was written in 1996. Two young men from Michigan - three generations apart.

Cully Gage

Cully Gage lived in MI. He was born in 1905. Cully was 6 feet tall. Cully has 3 children and his wife's name is Katy. Cully's family owned 4 lakes.

Cully liked to hike and hunt. He liked to be in the woods, and plant bass in the lakes. He went over a water fall. Cully stuttered a lot and Cully helped other people who stuttered. Cully had 2 dogs. Cully ate a porcupine once. Cully built a mouse trap and caught 136 mice.

Mattson Taylor--Mrs. Holtschlag's class: Haslett 4th grade