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  • A Family Thing by Jim Abbott added to Creative Expression

  • The Stuttering Sub by Dave Heilbronn.

  • Some Approaches to Therapy for Cluttering from the German Literature

  • Emotions - a poem by Jim Abbott added to Creative Expression

  • Lou Heite's information on Posting Questions on Discussion Forums

  • 54 article summaries added to the annotated bibliography on stuttering, which now contains 404 articles from professional journals.

  • Added several acronyms to alphabet soup

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  • Stefan Bogdanov from Switzerland, who uses the Alexander technique, sent a chapter from Alexander's original book, The Use Of The Self that might be of interest.

  • Course syllabus from Barry Guitar, Ph.D. - University of Vermont, added to stuttering course syllabi

  • Jared, Greg, and Ben's ideas on how to handle teasing.

  • Lears, Laurie, Ben Has Something to Say: A Story About Stuttering School & Library Binding (October 2000), added to the Bookstore. (Reviews of this book are available from NSA and Whitman but the best price at the time this was added is $11.96 through this link to Amazon)


  • A galley of children's art about stuttering.

  • Kindred Souls, a poem by Jim Abbott, added to Creative Expression.

  • My Personal Battle by Masha Zaslavsky, an essay about a pseudostuttering assignment.

  • Draft Bill Of Rights And Responsibilities For People Who Stutter

  • Van Riper Memories from Sally Sarvey added to Things Remembered.

  • ISAD2000 Online Conference

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  • How I feel when I'm teased by William added to Just for Kids page.

  • My most embarrassing moment by Scott, added to Just for Teens.

  • Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, author of Don Quixote de la Mancha added to Famous People Who Stutter (as cited by Malveena McKendrick, Cervantes, Little, Brown, 1980, p. 21.)

  • Been There - Done That;-) -- Ideas For When Speaking To Classes About Stuttering

  • The Successful Stutterer by J. David Williams

  • Fluency Reference List created by Jill Harrison.

  • IFA Awards of Distinction honorees and the Malcolm Fraser Award 2000 recipient added to Awards and Recognition

  • course syllabus from J. Scott Yaruss, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

  • "Oh Helen" added to Songs about stuttering

  • Answer to What is the origin of the actual word stuttering add to Kids FAQ.

  • Words of Wisdom from One Not So Wise by Jim Abbott.

  • Nan Berstein Ratner, Ph.D. and Vivian Sisskin graduate course syllabus, University of Maryland

  • Added suggestions on how to handle teasing, by Kevin, age 10

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  • Van Riper, C., A Handful of Nuts," WMU Journal of Speech Therapy, Volume 11, 1974, II, 1-3.

  • Don't Go There and Naked by Allan Brown added to Creative Expression.

  • Some telephone company response to assist people who stutter.

  • Stuttering Freely by Sarah Watson added to Creative Expression.

  • A Clinical Nugget from the Division #4 newsletter added.

  • Outline of a Presentation To Slp Students at Governors State University, 1999 by Jim McClure and Jimmy Zerlentes

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  • Professional Athletes who Stutter: Learning to Overcome an Obstacle by Elana Yudman, submitted for a physical education class in spring semester 2000 of her sophomore year in high school.

  • A story by Jim Mollin added to On the Lighter Side

  • Place Names Associated with "Stuttering"

  • Stuttering (Teen and Adult) What It Is and What It Isn't: for Emergency Services Personnel by Bobby L. Childers II is a Power Point presentation developed by Childers to be presented to Emergency Services Personnel. There are also speaker notes that accompany the presentation.

  • Bobby Childers has designed "business cards" with information about the National Stuttering Association that can be handed out. For PC users.

  • British Stammering Association Sponsored Walk - September 10, 2000

  • Another folks myth about the treatment of stuttering added.

  • A Few Seconds Longer by Jim Abbott

  • Louis Roden - Executive Vice President of Human Resources for added to "Some Paths to Success: Journeys Shared by Adults Who Stutter" on the Teen page.

  • Books by Cully Gage - Van Riper's pen name for the popular stories he wrote about the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  • You're Not Alone by Pat Tenneriello

  • Maybe Tomorrow by Jim Abbott

  • Memory of Shady Trails by Brad Bellaver

  • Learn well your grammar by Lewis Carroll

  • Several additions made to Famous People Who Stutter

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  • Destiny, In My Dreams, Do They Think?, Why Not Me and The Games That We Play, The Tricks Of The Trade poems by Jim Abbott, added to Creative Expression.

  • Yes/No questions in Spanish and English for SLPs to use with Spanish-speaking parents of children with fluency problems.


  • Stanley Ainsworth added to Remembering the contributions of those who have passed on

  • E.L.S.A. Youth Meeting July 9 -16 July 2000, Sweden.

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  • Some ideas for Breaking the Ice to speak publically about stuttering.

  • Ever Since I Can Remember by Ashley Callan added to PWS Speak for Themselves.

  • A tribute to Charles Van Riper written by the daughter of a different Charles Van Riper.

  • Website chat scheduled with John Stossel and Barry Guitar - May 8, 2000

  • Stuttering Course Syllabus for Charles Osborne, M.A., University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

  • A Clinical Nugget from the Division #4 newsletter added.

  • Registration information for IFA Pre-Conference Workshop on Stuttering in School Children.

  • Review of the autobiographical PBS special Jonelle: Right Here, Right Now by Ira Zimmerman.

  • Updated the change-overs from onelist to egroups of several mailing lists on Discussion Forums about stuttering

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  • Michael Bentine, British comedian, script-writer, and reader of children's books, added to Famous People Who Stutter.

  • Tammy Bryant-McMillin, a speech therapist has put online a fun activity: Stuttering Awareness Game

  • Several submissions from kids about teasing.

  • "Shakespeare in Love" and "Buddy Boy" added to Movies that portray stuttering

  • ISAD 2000 announcement brochure

  • Stutter, a poem by Vasudev Parameswaran

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  • Wrestling With Words, by Barry Yeoman, an article that first appeared in Psychology Today November/December l998.

  • So Many Words by Bethany Turner

  • A short history of the Speak Easy of New Jersey

  • Will McGee and Lee Reeves provided additions to Experiences in School - some good and some not so good - shared for others to learn

  • Steve Rosen shared five pictures from Shady Trails from 1965

  • Letter for Shady Trails Camp - 1965

  • Four-page bulletin for Shady Trails Camp - 1965

  • Information about several small mailing lists and chat forums about stuttering that have been formed on and may be of interest to some individuals added to Discussion Forums

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  • Center for Fluency Development at San Francisco State University, a program for children and teens - Stanley A. Goldberg, PhD

  • A memory of Shady Trails by Steve Moran.

  • Two responses from kids about teasing.

  • New syllabus from Bob Quesal

  • Jeremy and the Hippo, a book for children who stutter, added to Children's Books about Stuttering.

  • Review of the video The Pebble and the Penguin by Claire Tupling.

  • Conferences sponsored by Speak Easy, inc., Canada, and the British Stammering Association added.

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