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  • The following poetry by Jim Abbott added to "Creative Expression"

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  • Stuttering a report by Tanya, age 12 added to "Good Stuff by Kids."
  • Brita Goes to Amerika added to "Good Stuff by Kids."

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  • My Stuttering Web Page - by John W., 4th grade added to "Good Stuff by Kids."

  • Goals of therapy for Adults with a chronic stuttering problem by Stephen Hood.

  • Discussion about the IEP Process for a child who stutters from the perspective of one parent and a clinician in the schools.

  • A Contrast in People's Response by Paul.

  • ISAD2001 Online Conference - YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Transforming Perceptions

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  • Stuttering Is Not Just A Speech Problem by Alan Badmington. Transcript of a presentation to the British Stammering Association National Conference at Hope University, Liverpool, England on 9 September 2001. You must have Adobe's Free Acrobat Reader to access the book. You can download it at

  • Acceptance by Dirk Vannetelbosch added to Creative Expression.

  • Stuttering and work: I can do more than stutter. . . ., a translation of a Dutch leaflet of the NFS (Dutch Stuttering Association) by Y. van Zaalen and M. Spruit.

  • Thirty-four additional resources added to the Neurogenic Stuttering Bibliography

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  • Twenty-five additional resources added to the Neurogenic Stuttering Bibliography

  • Victorious people by Gokce Baser added to PWS Speak For Themselves.

  • Total Block by Israel Mlambo added to PWS Speak For Themselves.

  • My Story by Jessica Renee Newman.

  • From Lisa

  • p p p p p pie from Julie Davis, added to On the Lighter Side.

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  • Dance by Nora O'Connor, added to Creative Expression.

  • A life long battle with speaking added to "case studies."

  • New, and powerful search engine added to the Stuttering Home Page by Jeffrey Hunstad. With great gratitude!

  • Examples of Materials That Can Be Adapted For Therapy is a collection of Internet resources by Judith Maginnis Kuster which contains a large list of therapy links for stuttering.

  • List of ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists with Specialty Recognition in Fluency and Fluency Disorders

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  • New section on Family Trees and stuttering.

  • Stuttering on the Stage added, along with information about the new play, "Soundings."

  • Men of Honor, Pearl Harbor and Casablanca added to Movies that portray or refer to stuttering

  • Dean Williams' Professional Bibliography - sent by Robert Quesal

  • The Giant Who Stuttered - by Thomas D., age 12.

  • Making My Own Way: Empowering Children Who Stutter - by Jackie Biagini and Judy Butler is a workbook "designed to foster trust, self-confidence, and interpersonal communication skills with set goals and a plan to achieve them." Although the book is copyrighted, Butler and Biagini have made their 58 page book freely available on the internet where single copies may be reproduced for work with individual children. You must have Adobe's Free Acrobat Reader to access the book. You can download it at

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  • A Tale of a Girl Who Talked Funny by Debbie Britton.

  • Course syllabus from Sheree Reese, Ed.D. - Kean Univeristy

  • The First Time - by Brandon, age 11.

  • "Tongues of Angels," a Studio One production from 1958, added to Television Portrayals of People Who Stutter

  • The Conversation, "THE" Word, I Wonder If. . . , and RAGING (the last one is rated PG - contains profanity) - poems by Jim Abbott.

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  • A Prison Of My Very Own - a poem by Jim Abbott.

  • Information about the following books added to The Bookstore" -- Kristin Chmela and Nina Reardon's The School-Age Child Who Stutters: Working Effectively with Attitudes and Emotions--A Workbook, Eelco de Geus's Sometimes I Just Stutter, and Ellen-Marie Silverman's Jason's Secret.

  • Two additional questions added to FAQs about Stuttering - For Kids

  • A new What Would You Do? added to the Just for Kids section.

  • Case Study - The Stutter is Gone -- The Walls Remain.

  • Two stories added to On the Lighter Side

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  • Memories from Howard Hodges added to Memories of Shady Trails

  • It's Me - a poem by David B. from Apple Valley, Minnesota.

  • Candace Webster had added a must-read sequel to her submission to PWS Speak for Themselves from 1995.

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  • Lyrics to the song "Stutter" added to Songs about stuttering

  • Division 4 Fluency and Fluency Disorders Leadership Conference - May 16 to May 19, 2001, Toronto, CA

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  • Information about the Division 4 Leadership Conference added to the Conference Page.

  • Victory by Sarah Watson added to Creative Expression.

  • Transcribed lyrics for Stuttering Blues, from Maura Alia Bramkamp added to Songs About Stuttering

  • Updated course syllabus by Diane Parris

  • Sometimes and A Reluctant Revelation by Jim Abbott added to Creative Expression.

  • The Pause by John K. Karpinski added to Creative Expression.

  • Robert Quesal's graduate course syllabus

  • Frequently Asked Questions for the mailing list, Stutt-L

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