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  • Two stories added to On The Lighter Side.

  • 85 additions added to the Annotated Bibliography Project of MSU graduate Seminar in Stuttering.

  • Jezer, Marty, Stuttering : A Life Bound Up in Words available in Softcover

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  • ELSA.EUROPE@TELIA.COM and E-friends added to Discussion Forums about Stuttering

  • Understanding the Block by John C. Harrison added to Essays

  • Added more submissions to Remembering Scatman John Larkin

  • More Ice breakers from Jim McClure added.

  • Bill Withers added to Famous People who Stutter.

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  • Fifth Annual International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference

  • A tribute to Scatman John from Andrew Sanders, Australia, added to Remembering Scatman John

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  • How I Recovered From Stuttering by John C. Harrison, A keynote speech to the Annual Meeting of the British Stammering Association London, September 8, 2002

  • The Man Changed My Life - - As a Writer, a tribute to Charles Cully Van Riper, by Jeb Waldschmidt

  • Sample letters which may be adapted in appealing for insurance coverage
  • Stuttering and Suicide section added.

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  • Another tribute to Scatman John added.

  • Women_and_girls_living_with_stuttering, added to discussion forums about stuttering.

  • Summaries of two episodes of Little House on the Prairie (The Music Box, season 1 and No Beast so Fierce, season 8) added to television portrayals of people who stutter

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  • Letter to my stutter by Laura, age 14.

  • Public Speaking by Michael Bell, age 14

  • A Shady Trails mailing list has been started by an alumnus, Russ Hicks. The list is open to former campers, staff, and other interested parties. To learn more about the ShadyTrails group, please visit

  • 1950 counselors and 1953 campers from Shady Trails.

  • Mask and Harry Potter added to movies that portray stuttering.

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  • Cartoon characters that stutter

  • Mombu, a "stammering loa" - added to myths and sagas.

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  • Shady Trails Update!

  • Joseph Donaher Temple University - syllabus added

  • Added 64 references to the Annotated Bibliography.

  • Efficacy in Stuttering Treatment Bibliography

  • D-D-Disability and Responsibility, an article by Paul Engelman, published in the UW-Madison Daily Cardinal.

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  • Logo for the Burkina Faso stuttering association added to Support Organization and Program Logos.

  • A Play about Stuttering by Allison, age 9, added to Just for Kids

  • Reaching Out - teens who have written asking for support and suggestions.

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  • NSA Chapter Meeting Activity designed by Angus Croll from the San Francisco chapter.

  • The Hurricane added to stuttering in the movies.

  • Review of "Liam" by Pierre Bellemare.

  • With Apologies to WS by Barry Howze, added to Creative Expression.

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  • My Name is Jim Abbott; A-b-b-o-t-t by Jim Abbott.

  • Two reviews of the film "Liam" posted on mailing lists by Ira Zimmerman.

  • Memories of Shady Trails by Doug Henning, camper 1967-68, added to Shady Trails

  • FRIENDS conference, March 2, 2002, Kean University, Union, New Jersey.

  • Memories of Shady Trails by Darrell "Hud" Gregory, camper 1971, added to Shady Trails

  • "A Pivotal Moment" in my professional career by Linda Leeper added to the Dean Williams page.

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  • Additional responses to What I do when I am teased.

  • Updated course syllabus added from Robert Quesal

  • Update course syllabus added from Charlie Osborne.

  • Two embarrassing moments by Joel, age 18

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