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  • The Museum Opened, including
  • Terry Dartnall added to Remembering the Contribution of Those Who Have Passed On

  • Links established to


  • Dilorah's note added to Some Ways I Have Been Teased About my Stuttering section of Just for Kids.

  • Two new tributes to John "Scatman" Larkin added to Remembering Scatman John .

  • Ward, David, (2006) Stuttering and Cluttering: Frameworks for Understanding and Treatment, East Sussex: Psychology Press. (especially Chapter 8, pps 139-154 - The nature of cluttering and Chapter 17, pps 351-377 - The assessment, diagnosis and treatment of cluttering) added to Cluttering bibliography


  • ISAD 2007 online conference opens October 1.

  • W..w..wotcha Dave by David Burton

  • Material from Satyendra Kumar Srivastava

  • The Stuttering Lovers The Clancy Brothers added to Songs about stuttering

  • Stuttering by Ben's Brothers added to Songs about stuttering

  • New tribute to John "Scatman" Larkin added to Remembering Scatman John .

  • Three additional posts added to Teasing about stuttering

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  • Power Point "lectures" developed by Sheree Reese added to Resources for Professors
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  • My Stuttering - a poem by 15 year old Philip added to Creative Expression

  • Seven new tributes to John "Scatman" Larkin added to Remembering Scatman John .

  • New section Teaching Materials added for those who teach stuttering courses.

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  • Tributes from the Remembering-Marty-Jezer yahoo group transferred to Marty Jezer Memorial Webpage

  • Five new tributes to John "Scatman" Larkin added to Remembering Scatman John .

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  • Stuttering Jasper add to Songs about stuttering

  • Lylynda and The Balshezzar Gooblstone Story added to On the Lighter Side

  • I Have Many Things Yet To Say: (A Stutterer's Lament) by James Harker, Jr. added to "Creative Expression"

  • Personal Experience with Botox Treatment for Stuttering by Gloria Klumb

  • S.B.Hood Library of Teaching Materials

  • Free DAF/FAF software program for PCs by Richard Arenas

  • Several new responses added to What I Do or Say when I get teased about my speech

  • Clinical Training in Lidcombe Program - June 27-28, 2007

  • Links established to


  • New Technologies - a new section featuring links to Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts about stuttering.

  • Marcel Wingate and James Frick added to "In Remembrance."

  • Invitation and collage from Marty Jezer's 60th birthday, added to Marty Jezer, In Remembrance

  • Chinese translation of the SFA book, If Your Child Stutters: A Guide for Parents.

  • Brochure for ISAD 2007

  • The SpeechEasy Device: A Three Year Study, by Charles Runyan, Sara Elizabeth Runyan, Shirley Hibbard of James Madison University, poster session from ASHA 2006.

  • Predictive Cluttering Inventory by David A. Daly

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  • Songs added to Songs about stuttering

  • Links established to
  • Indian Stammering Association
  • Abstracts of stuttering research from Doctor's Guide to the Internet.
  • Checklist for teachers of preschool children
  • Stuttering Information for Parents and Teachers of Preschoolers
  • Stuttering Discussion Online (SDO) is an online community of stutterers offering research, information, links, and discussion


  • Charlie Osborne's class in stuttering, student presentations on Various Therapy Programs

  • Charles Osborne Stuttering Course syllabus. plus several interesting assignments
  • Nan Bernstein Ratner, Ph.D. and Vivian Sisskin Stuttering course syllabus - University of Maryland

  • Tribute to John "Scatman" Larkin added to Remembering Scatman John .

  • Links established to


  • Tribute to John "Scatman" Larkin added to Remembering Scatman John .

  • Forty-seven additional annotated abstracts on stuttering research added to Annotated Bibliography - project of Minnesota State University graduate students.

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