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  • Stuttering & Suicide: Our Experiences & Responsibilities ASHA 2013 Panel presentation by Judy Kuster, Lisa Scott, Rod Gabel, Scott Palasik, Joseph Donaher, and E. Charles Healey - includes an edited powerpoint, case studies, and link to downloadable handout (


  • "Stuttering Parties" in Schools: Three SLPs Share Their Experience by Gerard, Hays, and Leblanc added to Therapy Materials for Stuttering

  • Several flags from new countries accessing the Stuttering Home Page added to Words for Stuttering from around the World as well as the word for stuttering from the British Isles, bring the total of countries to over 200!!

  • Holte, Doreen Lenz, A Voice Unearthed: Hope, Help and a Wake-Up Call for the Parents of Children Who Stutter Paperback or Kindle, added to The Bookstore

  • 19 page PDF list of 2013 ASHA Convention Stuttering/Cluttering Sessions extracted from the convention program by Judy Kuster.


  • A memory of Scatman from Indonesia, added to Remembering Scatman John Larkin

  • Mickey Bo's Rock'n'Roll Revue special featuring Stuttering Songs linked to Stuttering Songs - only available October 15-20, 2013.

  • Obituary for James Frick added to Remembering the contributions of those who have passed on

  • Links established to


  • Destiny's idea on What to Say or Do When Getting Teased About Stuttering

  • Added "The Double" to Movies that portray stuttering

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  • Added several new songs that feature "stuttering" to Stuttering Songs

  • Added "Hyde Park on the Hudson" to Movies that portray stuttering

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  • Added "Thunderbirds The Movie" to Movies that portray stuttering

  • A 60 page booklet by Charles Van Riper (under the editorship of Wendell Johnson) Stuttering, Chicago, National Society for Crippled Children and Adults, 1949. (PDF)

  • Mary's idea on What to Say or Do When Getting Teased About Stuttering

  • Links established to


  • 1952 Video from Shady Trails Camp in Michigan added to Memories of Shady Trails, narrated by Charles Sims, former camper - with permission of Lee Doyle, Director, Communications Policy and AdministrationDirector, University of Michigan Film Office Chief Freedom of Information Officer

  • 1952 Shady Trails Campers added to Campers and Staff from the 1950's.

  • Shady Trails Bulletin - 32 page booklet about Shady Trails published by the University of Michigan, probably in the fall of 1949, containing many photographs from 1948.

  • Shady Trails Trivia Game developed by Tim Carter for the 2012 Shady Trails Camp Reunion.

  • Added a section about Directors of Shady Trails to Memories of Shady Trails site.

  • Stutter Shoal, United Arab Emirates added to Place Names Associated with "Stuttering."

  • Links established to


  • Live Stutter Free - Elimination of Stuttering in Three Days added to Let the Buyer Avoid

  • Information on Stutterheim, South Africa added to Place Names Associated with "Stuttering."

  • "Hyde Park on the Hudson" added to Movies that portray people who stutter

  • "Kaminey" added to Movies that portray people who stutter

  • "J. Edgar" added to Movies that portray people who stutter

  • The Stuttering Storm Cloud - a short story by Alex, age 9, added to Good Stuff by Kids

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  • Evan Sherman's Review of Fluently: An App for Stuttering added to Apps for stuttering

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  • 1988 staff pictures and directory from Shady Trails Camp

  • 1988 campers pictures from Shady Trails Camp

  • Linking to 2012 ASHA Convention handouts provided on ASHA Convention Handouts

  • Gene Brutten added to Remembering the Contributions of Those Who Have Passed On

  • Letter from David Field read at Shady Trails Reunion

  • Updated all the links of Other homepages about stuttering

  • Updated all the links on Stuttering in other Countries/Cultures

  • Translations of the Stuttering Foundation brochures 6 Tips For Speaking With Someone Who Stutters and 7 Ways to Help the Child Who Stutters in Albanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Napalese, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Russian added to Non-English Information about Stuttering

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  • Cordel and Rj's ideas on What to Say or Do When Getting Teased About Stuttering

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