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  • Kuster, JM; Williams, D; Bieser, W; and Cook, M, Telepractice in Africa: A Cross-Cultural Experience with People Who Stutter, ASHA Convention, Los Angeles, CA, November10, 2017 - handouts available from Kuster , Williams , Bieser , and Cook

  • Rick Arenas, University of New Mexico added to Ph.D. Programs in Stuttering

  • Kuster, JM, ISAD 1998-2012: Some History and Many Positives ISAD Online Conference 2017

  • Kuster, JM, Overcoming Challenges of ISAD Online Conferences 1998-2012 ISAD Online Conference 2017

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  • Estonian Translation by Johanne Teerink linked to Information and FAQs about Stuttering for Kids

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  • Developmental Reading Assessment information for using the DRA for children with stuttering or speech sound disorders added to Examples of Material That Can Be Adapted For Therapy

  • Updated links on the Remembering Scatman John Larkin page

  • Updated links on Some Information about Communication

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  • Young Child Fluency Interview added to Therapy for Stuttering (adapted with permission from F.Cook and W. Botterhill, July 2008 SFA workshop)

  • McDermott, Gerald R. author of Famous Stutterers: Twelve inspiring people who achieved great things while struggling with an impediment has made one of the chapters of his book freely-available - Chapter 5 "It's painful: Marilyn Monroe"

  • Updated multiple links on the Stuttering Home Page Famous People Who Stutter page.

  • Added Silverman, Ellen-Marie winning: a novel (The Jason Loring Triology - volume 2)to The Bookstore

  • Added Silverman, Ellen-Marie SheGate (The Jason Loring Triology, Volume 3)to The Bookstore

  • Howard Bingham - professional photographer and biographer of Muhammed Ali added to Famous People Who Stutter - In The Past

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  • A letter from the Department of Education in 1980 and a second letter in 2007 clearly state that "educational performance" cannot be limited to showing of discrepancies in age/grade performance in academic subject-matter area. If their communication disorder impacts oral participation in class, social or emotional development or even potential employment opportunities, they can be served. Ana Paula Mumy developed a Teacher Questionnaire: Nonacademic Adverse Effect of Speech Impairment on Educational Performance for students who stutter.

  • Getting a free ride by Anita Blom added to On the Lighter Side

  • Spent a ton of time today updating the following pages
  • Geoffrey A Coalson, Louisiana State University added to Ph.D. programs in Stuttering

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  • Registration form for the 2017 Shady Trails Camp Reunion, August 18-20.


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  • Shady Trails News, December 1939 a four-page newspaper added to Memories of Shady Trails

  • Grace Clancy added to Memories of Shady Trails

  • Picture of John and Grace from 1962 added to Memories of Shady Trails

  • Document listing many involved in the beginning of the National Stuttering Project provided by Michael Sugarman and added to The Museum

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