This is a history of what was added in 1997 - all external and some internal links from this page have been disconnected. Former links from this page that are still functioning, are still part of the Stuttering Home Page.

What's New from 1997


  • Penpal and Chatroom Opportunities have been added to the page on various Internet Discussion Forums. Several new additions have been added to the teens' and kids' pages on the Stuttering Home Page.

  • Stalag 17 added to Portrayals of Stuttering in the Movies and Bob Newhart added to Portrayals of Stuttering on TV

  • What's Wrong With Using A Crutch If It Helps You by Herbert Goldberg.

  • The Adventures of Stutter Girl by Lester L., age 11.

  • A Tribute to Dean Williams, a paper presented by Robert Quesal as part of a panel presentation at the 1997 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in Boston entitled "Generations of Science and Service: Tribute and Review in Stuttering."

  • Thoughts on Recovery by Kristin Chmela, presented as part of a panel at the 1997 IFA Conference, San Francisco, CA

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  • Old Fart Face by Bill Murphy

  • Excepts from the writings of Joseph Sheehan, from his Memorial Service.

  • Remarks from Oliver Bloodstein at a memorial program for Joseph Sheehan, ASHA Convention.

  • Stuttering Home Page Chat Room sponsored by Key City Sertoma, Mankato, MN

  • Added ordering information for the new SFA video, The School-Age Child Who Stutters

  • My Story of Speech - by Lisa C., age 11

  • Getting Stuck - a poem by Max J., age 10.

  • Added a couple of TV portrayals of stuttering to Television Portrayals of People Who Stutter

  • Added six movies the growing database of Movies that portray people who stutter.

  • Ken Lund added a humorous story to On the Lighter Side

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  • Stuttering: the Concept of Cure by Tony Troiano.

  • Hannah (almost 8) added information on how she is teased.

  • Mitchell Kaltz, D.M.D added his bio to The Real World of Jobs on the Teen Page.

  • Another Path Toward Recovery by Russ Hicks.

  • Added the reference to Jenny Lewis' new book, The Stammering Handbook: A Definitive Guide to Coping with a Stammer to The Bookstore

  • Stuttering course syllabus added from Nan Bernstein Ratner

  • Added several bumper sticker, buttons, T-shirt slogan ideas under Start Spreading the Word, ideas to enhance awareness about stuttering.

  • Nora O'Connor's reaction to a portrayal of stuttering on "Brooklyn South," a new TV program, on the TV and Stuttering page.

  • In Remembrance of Joseph Sheehan

  • Stutt-L Archive of discussion between David McGuire and others about his therapy program. 1997 (83K), extracted by Tony Troiano.

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  • Transcript of Healthweek Segment on Stuttering, taped September 25, 1997, transcribed by Ira Zimmerman and posted to Stutt-L.

  • Listen by Anita S. Blom

  • Russ Hicks and Steve Pittelko have developed an album of members of Stutt-L, one of the mailing lists devoted to stuttering.

  • Treating Stuttering in Children and Adolesents, a three-part shortcourse written for Pediatricians by Karin Wexler, Ph.D., reprinted from Emergency and Office Pediatrics, 1996-97.

  • Review of John Harrison's, How to Conquer Your Fears of Speaking Before People by Peter O'Sullivan of the British Stammering Association

  • Severe Stuttering and High Exotropia by Stanley Kaplan, MD, Washington, D.C.

  • Added to Hello World, Charles Van Riper -- His Curse Became His Acclaim, article by Tom Thinnes, Encore, January 1990, pp. 9-20

  • Course Syllabus from Nelson Bormann, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  • The Mind - Body - Spirit Therapeutic Model For People Who Stutter by Carl H. Scott, Ph.D., as well as a Bibliography of Selected Readings.

  • My Stuttering Summer by Maggie Hansen

  • Added another review of Marty Jezer's new book Stuttering, A Life Bound Up In Words, from the Dallas Morning News. Can be found in the Bookstore, where the book can also be ordered directly online for $16.10 plus shipping and handling.

  • Added the NSP official response by Jim McClure to an article that appeared in Good Housekeeping

  • Added review of Bobrick's Knotted Tongues which appeared in the New York Times. Can be found in the Bookstore, where the book can also be ordered directly online for $11.20 plus shipping and handling.

  • Stories behind the NSP and BSA logos added to Stuttering Association Logos page.

  • Cleaning through some old files, I discovered the Dear Abby column from August 23, 1985

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  • Review of Marty Jezer's book, Stuttering: A Life Bound Up In Words that appeared in the NY Times, and the official NSP response letter to the editor by Jim McClure.

  • Another Van Riper anecdote by Fred Murray, at the bottom of the page.

  • The Normalization of Speech Patterns in People Who Stutter: A Treatment Process by Michael Susca

  • Personal Paths Toward Recovery & Case Studies - this is a modification to the old "case studies", with a new section containing information from individuals who have made long-term recovery from stuttering, whether or not they still consider themselves people who stutter. In this developing section are materials that have been on the Stuttering Home Page for some time, as well as new entries from:

  • Happy Hunting For The Holy Spirit by Victoria Benson Schutter

  • For Marilyn by Geoffrey Mangers

  • Article by Charles Van Riper, Stuttering Therapy in 2050 A.D., in Emerick, L.L., and Hamre, C.I. (ed.) An Analysis of Stuttering, Danville, Ill., 1972, pp. 808-812.

  • Several new additions and links to Famous People Who Stutter

  • Added more children looking for KeyPals

  • Additions to On the Lighter Side by Lou Heite, Russ Hicks, and Silvano Colombano

  • Changes by Stefan Bogdanov

  • Two Cities, a free translation of a poem by the famous Russian poet, E.Evtushenko,1965, rhymed with the experiences of a stutterer by Stefan Bogdanov

  • Added reviews of The Cowboys, Feeling Minnesota, Tin Pan Alley, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance to Movies that portray stuttering

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  • Added two pieces about stuttering on the Public Relations page - one good example of media reporting about stuttering and one not so good example

  • Reviews of Marty Jezer's new book Stuttering, A Life Bound Up In Words, by Louise Heite, Benson Bobrick, Richard Davis and others, can be found in the Bookstore, where the book can also be ordered for $16.40.

  • What does it mean to be a stutterer? - a poem by Matt Goodman.

  • Article from ADVANCE magazine about the Second World Congress on Fluency Disorders, August 18-23, 1997 - San Francisco, CA

  • Lester age 10, almost 11, shares what stuttering is like for him.

  • "Boo" Goodnight to Halloween, a children's story written by Tracy Harrison and illustrated by five children who attended the NSP convention in Buffalo, NY.

  • Tell ESPN I'm Available! by Larry Molt.

  • Entries in A spiral notebook, journaling from Charles Van Riper.

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  • Entries in A spiral notebook, journaling from Charles Van Riper.

  • "Hello World" - a page dedicated to the memory of Charles Van Riper

  • A New 'Tune 'Tude - article from The Orange County Register-June 13, 1997

  • Stuttering Prevention: A Manual For Parents by C. Woodruff Starkweather, Sheryl Ridener Gottwald, and Murray Halfond, Ph.D., Temple University Stuttering Prevention Clinic.

  • Joan Strnisa Simmons - Program Manager for the Federal Government added to The Real World of Jobs

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  • Several Reviews of Marty Jezer's new book, Stuttering: A Life Bound Up in Words, which can be ordered online through the Amazon Bookstore, linked to this website

  • Update on >Birch Tree Foundation workshops.

  • There have been additions to the Kids' KeyPal section in April and May.

  • Many additions to Annotated Bibliography, which has now been divided into two sections.

  • Sweet Relief - a song about stuttering, written by Jason Gray, a PWS

  • Van Riper's Message to stutterers

  • The Real World of Jobs, new bios by
  • lighter side new additions by Lundberg, Fletcher and Klinge.

  • Stuttering in the popular media - songs, literature, movies and TV, a new section.

  • Spreading the word - a new section on public relations information about stuttering, includes recent Dear Abby column ads for posters featuring PWS, history of National Stuttering Awareness Week, and more.

  • many new references to the cluttering bibliography

  • Suggestions for Treating Cluttering by David Daly

  • People who stutter speak for themselves


  • Imaging Studies Make A Case For The Brain Basis Of Stuttering

  • Stuttering's Primary Paradox And How It Tricks Us

  • Excerpts of discussion about one therapy approach (other therapy approaches to follow, hopefully).

  • Jeffrey Wollock and Jorge Perello's bibliography on the history of speech therapy, including many interesting references to stuttering

  • In the Case Studies section
  • People Who Stutter Speak For Themselves

  • There is a review of Marty Jezer's new book, A Life Bound in Words, in the Bookstore. Books can be ordered directly through this online bookstore called Amazon.

  • Syllabi - new ones added/linked
  • Richard Shine's How Parents and Professionals Can Help the Stuttering Child

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