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What's New from 1997

This is a history of what was added in 1998 - all external links from this page have been disconnected. External links that are still functioning are still part of the Stuttering Home Page. Additions linked to the Stuttering Home Page are still functioning from this page


  • Information about a new German mailing list about stuttering, BUSS-LIST@HSP.DE added to Discussion Forums about Stuttering

  • Early years in India and now in school in the US by Balaji Krishnamurthy added to PWS Speak for Themselves.

  • Information about Stutter Buddies, a newsletter for Young People (ages 6-12) Who Stutter.

  • My Most Embarrassing Moment by Michael, age 12

  • Two questions submitted to FAQs about Stuttering for Kids were answered.

  • Added Nicolas Bendon, movie star, under Famous People Who Stutter(ed).

  • Case Study 8 - What I Think Caused My Stuttering

  • A new Spanish language mailing list on stuttering (TTM-L) added under discussion forums about stuttering

  • Mandarin Chinese and Korean words for stuttering added to Words for Stuttering from Around the World

  • Waterboy and Mr. Jealousy added to Movies that portray people who stutter

  • Links added to


  • International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference

  • Dr. W.F.Rannie shares some interesting historical information about the composer and about his grandmother, Katherine Gertrude Craig Richardson, the actual Katy from the song, K-K-K-Katy.

  • A Stutter Acrostic by Chase age 9

  • Information about The Adventures of Phil Carrot: The Forest of Discord, a children's book by Michael Sugarman and Kim Swain.

  • Tuesday Night Fight, a poem by Eric F.

  • Added new keypals requests to Just for Kids Page

  • Gerald Johnson library of materials

  • Two more pictures added to Michelle and Judy's Therapy Picture Project - Helping Children Who Stutter Become Their Own Advocates.

  • Links established to


  • Bill Murphy's Class Visits For Children Who Stutter

  • Michelle and Judy's Therapy Picture Project - Helping Children Who Stutter Become Their Own Advocates.

  • Peer Counseling and Self Help Group Facilitation for People Who Stutter - developed by Michael Sugarman.
  • Added new keypals requests to Just for Kids Page

  • Added to the Bookstore:

  • New section, Starting and Maintaining a self-help group, added to Support Organizations for PWS, including a link to How to start and run a self-help group from the Canadian Association of People Who Stutter.

  • A Man Who Blessed Others by Gail Wilson Lew, added to Van Riper Tales.

  • Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-10th) Ohio added to Awards and Recognition.

  • Added a humorous experience submitted by Vicki Benson Schutter

  • A Way Through the Forest: One Boy's Story With a Happy Ending by David Shapiro

  • Ann Landers Column from August 28, 1998.

  • Response to column from Nancy Swiggert, ASHA President.

  • Links established to:


  • Added a humorous experience submitted by Joe West

  • A short article on Electronic Fluency Aids from Speak Easy, Inc. of Canada provides contact information about four types of electronic fluency aids

  • Phone Problem Suggestions by Fred Dietrich.

  • Eva's (age 11) good advice on how to respond to teasing added to What I do or say when I get teased.

  • Daddy To Make It Better by John Ahlbach.

  • A poster about the movie Paulie

  • Amazon has a new MUSIC STORE where you can order Scatman John Larkin's CDs that haven't been available in any other music store I've checked! I've added them to the SHP Bookstore

  • Stuttering Home Page Index text only index of what is on this site.

  • Connie Dugan's book review and application to a client of The Meanest Thing to Say by Bill Cosby.

  • Stutt-L Archive of discussion about DAF, Edinberg Masker, and Fluency Master, 1998 (54K)

  • Links established to


  • International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference announcement

  • Several new links about dealing with teasing

  • Added "Bandits" to the page on Movies that Portray Stuttering

  • The beginning of a Bibliography of Joseph Sheehan's Work

  • STUTTERING: The Role of the Classroom Teacher by Gary R. LaBlance, Karen F. Steckol, and Vicki L. Smith

  • My Stuttering Life and Stuttering Information by Manveet, 11 year old girl, added to Just for Kids

  • Case Study of Covert Stuttering added to Case Studies.

  • A long list of songs suggested by Johnnie Nielsen, that have words related to stuttering in them added to Stuttering Songs

  • Why by Claus Christophani

  • A Message to Children Who Stutter - paraphrase of Joseph Sheehan's "Message to a Stutterer."

  • A Conversation with my Father by Elaine Saitta.

  • Stuttering Bibliography from 1976-1981 by Andreas Starke.

  • Two papers presented by Andreas Starke at the International Fluency Association First World Congress on Fluency Disorders Munich, Germany, August 8-12, 1994.

  • International Stuttering Awareness Day - October 22, 1998.

  • Added new keypals requests to Just for Kids Page

  • Preliminary announcement for the 5th Oxford Dysfluency Conference

  • The story behind the Birch Tree Foundation logo added to Stories Behind Logos page.

  • Richard Mallard's Stuttering Therapy Course Syllabus - from Southwest Texas State University

  • Some NSP Atlanta Convention pictures

  • Bernie Weiner added a short bio to The Real World of Jobs on the Teen Page.

  • Links established to


  • Another letter to my daughter added to Just for Kids and Just for Teens.

  • Added submissions by Brett, Michael and Joshua to the Just for Kids page, under Kids Who Stutter Speak for Themselves.

  • Added new keyspals requests to Teen Page

  • Added FRIENDS to Stories behind support organization logos

  • Thirteen Observations About People Who Stutter by John Harrison.

  • Links established to


  • Harvey Keitel - actor, added to Famous People Who Stutter

  • An Introduction to Speaking Circles by John C. Harrison

  • Added British Columbia Association of People Who Stutter to Stories behind support organization logos

  • 63 articles added to the annotated bibliography of journal publications about stuttering.

  • Letter to the Editor about Stuttering Awareness Week, by Lisa Arras, published in the New Ulm Journal, May 11, 1998

  • The Student Who Stutters: Teachers' Guide by Julie Mazzuka-Peter.
  • The Child Who Stutters: Parent's Guide by Julie Mazzuka-Peter.

  • More letters to my daughter added to Just for Kids and Just for Teens.

  • Links established to:


  • James shared his most embarrassing moment with the Just for Teens page.

  • What's a Teacher to Do - by Louise Heite, Iceland, a paper presented at the ELSA Conference in Dublin, Feb.-Mar. 1998.

  • Bio by Renee Krul on her career as a nurse added to The Real World of Jobs on the Just for Teens page.

  • The Sasser Syndrome by Jeff Shames.

  • Letters to my daughter added to Just for Kids and Just for Teens.

  • Michael II, Byzantine Emperor 820-829 and Notker the Stammerer, a Dark Ages monk added to Famous People Who Stutter

  • Carl's Feelings: A Poem About Stuttering

  • Paulie added to films about stuttering and to the Kids' Page.

  • Added new keypals to Kids Page and Teens Page.

  • Mouth Piece by Anne H. Mavor added to PWS Speak For Themselves.

  • Links established to


  • Stutter by Michael Caggiano.

  • FRIENDS - Association for Young People Who Stutter - first annual convention, July 31-August 1, 1998, Minnepolis, MN.

  • Added Marion Davies to Famous People Who Stutter

  • STUDENTS WHO STUTTER: Some questions and answers for teachers by Julie Mazzuka-Peter.

  • 10-year-old educates classmates on battle with speech disorder, an article from the Saint Francis Reminder January 15, 1998.

  • Lyrics to Tell Her I Stutter, added to Songs about Stuttering

  • A short essay in which Charles Lamb, (b. 1776, d. 1835), himself a person who stutters, describes stuttering quite vividly.

  • Words for Stuttering by Richard Kitchens and Charles Van Riper.

  • Graduate Dean, Tony Filipovitch added to the Real World of Jobs

  • Fast, Terri, Your Child Stutters, Should You Worry?, Today's Health, Spring 1998, p. 4ff

  • Example of a permission slip for clinicians whose students are interested in becoming keypals.

  • Added several Funny starter stories, The Foursome and Tire Repair to On The Lighter Side

  • Added new keypals to Kids Page and Teens Page.

  • Broadway Danny Rose added to Movies that portray people who stutter

  • Babyon 5 added to Television Programs that portray stuttering

  • Links established to


  • Stuttering Around the World - added information by Tim from the US, Pedro from Spain, and Damian about Greece.

  • Ludwig Quidde, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, 1927, "Recollections of a Stutterer", in Living Age, 328, February 13, 1926, p. 360-363

  • Toastmaster Icebreaker by Marty Jezer.

  • Louis II the Stammerer added to Famous People Who Stutter

  • PhonePass, a test of English speech by telephone, designed for non-native speakers of English. The 10 minute phone test includes measures of fluency, listening and pronunciation. Added to Information about Communication.

  • Information about a new mailing list for parents of children who stutter Parents-W added to the page on discussion forums.

  • Hard Talking Made Easy, an article by Noelle, age 10

  • Some Suggestions for Teachers for Managing Students Who Stutter compiled by Marie Poulos

  • Defeating the Dragon a speech delivered at Toastmasters, by David Halvorsen.

  • Back-up chat room added for when Stuttering Chat Room isn't working.

  • The Impact Of Speaking Circles On Chronic Stuttering by John C. Harrison

  • Scatman John Larkin met with Teens and 20's in the Teen Chat Room - February 1, 1998, 7-8 PM CST

  • Added new keypals to Kids Page and Teens Page.

  • Meet Wally Sparks added to Movies that portray people who stutter

  • The Reflex, by Duran Duran added to Stuttering Songs

  • Links established to


  • New syllabus from Bob Quesal for his graduate course, Stuttering and Associated Disorders

  • Added several Videos/films about stuttering available - to the Bookstore.

  • Information about 1998 conferences - Speak Easy in New Brunswick, Canada, and First National Workshop on Stuttering, Buenas Aires, Argentina, to conference information page.

  • Easy instructions for subscribing and leaving Stutt lists

  • Search Engine added.

  • Robert Wells added his job bio to the Real World of Jobs on the Teen Page.

  • A lot can happen in a year: an update by Diana - age 14

  • Dean Williams, Citation for Honors of the American Speech-Hearing-Language Association from the ASHA Magazine, November 1992.

  • Keypals added to Kids and Teens pages, plus information submitted on how to respond to teasing, and an embarrassing moment.

  • A brochure from the Sheehan Stuttering Clinic

  • Van Riper, C., "How are you doing, Dr. Van?" WMU Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing , Volume 24, 1987, 1-2.

  • Tributes to Dean Williams by

  • Stuttering Chat Room officially opened.

  • Links to information about Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) were added to the Famous People Who Stutter page, located in the Hall of Fame.

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