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  • Ann Vallack Dewar added to "Remembering the contributions of those who have passed on."

  • domain name purchased for the Stuttering Home Page

  • Is There a Genetic Basis for Stuttering? by John C. Harrison

  • The Pebble and the Penguin, I, Claudius, and Billy Budd added to movies that portray stuttering.

  • Remembering Scatman John - a threaded discussion for posting memories or feelings.

  • Examples of a remediational folk myth and an etiological folk myth added to Folk Myths about Stuttering.

  • Therapy idea added to Suggestions for Treating Cluttering

  • An example of cooperation between ASHA and the National Council on Stuttering to get a poster pulled from the market.

  • Loss of Innocence by Michael Hughes

  • The Rage by Michael Hughes

  • Marriage Vows by Michael Hughes

  • C-C-C-Cold Enough For You? by Michael Hughes

  • Fear Therapy? by Michael Hughes

  • 57 new entries added to Annotated Bibliography on Stuttering

  • Information about the video Danny and the Scatman

  • Review by Ken St. Louis of The Adventures of Phil Carrot: The Forest of Discord by Michael Sugarman and Kim Swain

  • NJ Youth Day: Celebrating Me/Taming The Speech Monster by Lucy Reed.

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  • Diane Parris, MS Boston University, stuttering course syllabus

  • Patrick Canning remembers Shady Trails

  • Added a Clinical Nugget from Vol 9 No. 3 Special Interest Division 4 Newsletter.

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  • International Stuttering Awareness Day 1999 Online Conference

  • Stuttering: A team approach workshop, Toronto, CA, October 23, 1999

  • On Being Different by John C. Harrison.

  • Sad by Shiran Israel

  • Submission to Experiences in School - some good and some not so good from Sally Butcher

  • Some good examples to show your friends contains a few sound and video clips especially for kids.

  • Fragile Speak an original poem by John T. Solomon

  • Reports from the European League of Stuttering Associations Conference Vienna, Austria, 1998

  • A few pictures taken by Gretchen Fifer after the Celebration of Life Memorial Service.

  • Niccolo Fontana, nicknamed Tartaglia(stammerer) because of his speech added to Famous People Who Stuttered - an Italian mathematician famous for his algebraic solution of cubic equations. Read about what caused his speech problems and decide for yourself if he stuttered or not.

  • October 22 is International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) - article in the Badger Herald by Paul Engelman

  • Kenneth E. Boulding - economist, added to Famous People Who Stutter

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  • Cheers episode added to Stuttering in Television

  • Notes about Charles Van Riper from a former graduate assistant, William Shearer

  • A memory shared by Kay Bulter, added to the Van Riper page Things Remembered

  • Experiences in School - some good and some not so good- shared for others to learn.

  • A mailing list called STAM-L for people speaking Swedish, Norwegian or Danish added to discussion forums about stuttering.

  • Urban Legend added to Movies about Stuttering.

  • My Story by Michael Susca added to Personal Paths Toward Recovery

  • Information about new mailing lists, SLPSWHOSTUTTER, a closed list for SLPs active in the stuttering community or SLP students who stutter and STUTTER, an open list for people who stutter, added to Discussion forums about stuttering

  • Information about Spoonerisms

  • Blow And Bluster by Charles James added to PWS Speak for Themselves.

  • College students who stutter and public speaking assignments

  • Stuttering begins at age 15and What I Think Caused My Stuttering added to Case Studies.

  • Oliver Bloodstein and Marty Jezer added to Awards and Recognition

  • A memory shared by Gary Sparage, added to the Joseph Sheehan page Things Remembered

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  • Stuttering and Parkinson's Disease

  • An announcement page was added to announce ISAD99 events. Two events were announced - the ISAD99 Online conference and "Walk and Talk around the World."

  • Bibliography related to Neurogenic Stuttering by Patrick Coppens

  • Nan Ratner's updated course syllabus.

  • Workshop Day for Kids/Teens Who Stutter, Their Families and Their SLPs Saturday, Oct. 16, 8:30 - 3:30, Payson-Smith Hall, University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME

  • The Power of Observation by John C. Harrison.

  • Two suggestions added to Folk Myths about Stuttering

  • The Hawthorne Effect And It's Relationship To Stuttering by John C. Harrison

  • Steve Hood's updated course syllabus.

  • Proclamation for ISAD98 City of Pittsburgh

  • Just for Kids revised and updated, adding several new sections.

  • Information added to Stuttering portrayed on television and Stuttering portrayed in the movies

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  • How My Stuttering Ended by Miriam Mondlin

  • Sign by William T. Evetts

  • Beginnings of a Bibliography of Bryng Bryngelson's work

  • Post by John Wade added to discussion of the Giving up - or just facing reality about career choices and stuttering.

  • Updated and expanded article of Speaking Circles by John C. Harrison.

  • More information about Shady Trails added by Rod Abbott

  • Edited and expandedRuss Hicks "Another Path Toward Recovery."

  • Vicki Benson Schutter's contribution to "On the Lighter Side."

  • Marty Leisner added Edison: Wizard of Light (1998, HBO) and CSS Hunley (TNT, 1999) to the made for TV movie database that portrays stuttering in the media.

  • New book by Marcel Wingate added to the Bookstore

  • "Our World" added to Letters from a father to his 10 year old daughter who stutters.

  • Kurt Vonnegut's Jailbird added to books that portray a person who stutters.

  • Information on Annie Glenn added to Famous People Who Stutter

  • Letter from Charles Van Riper to Andreas Starke
  • A Grafted Tongue by John Montague, a Northern Irish poet, essayist and story writer, added to Creative Expression.

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  • Online examples of what stuttering sounds, looks and feels like

  • Online Student Journal of Fluency Disorders, and paper by Ian Roth & Deryk Beal, Teasing And Bullying Of Children Who Stutter

  • You Can Call Me by Vicki Schutter.

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  • Several songs depicting stuttering added.

  • On Charles Van Riper by Bob Erickson

  • The Van Ripers remember Bryng Bryngelson

  • Other Late-life Thoughts of Dr. Charles Van Riper from Hospice News.

  • Added two of the Clinical Nuggets from Vol 9 No. 2 Special Interest Division 4 Newsletter.

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  • Subscription information for Speak Easy's new e-pubication added to Discussion Forums and Electronic Publications about stuttering.

  • The Space Inside My Name by Jesse Loesberg, added to Creative Expression.

  • A discussion from Stutt-L about Giving up - or just facing reality.

  • Shady Trails - remembering a speech camp in Michigan.

  • Several additions made to Famous People Who Stutter

  • Stuttering in the Visual Arts

  • Folk Myths about etiology and treatment for stuttering.

  • Bryng Bryngelson added to Hall of Fame.

  • Added six citations to the Joseph Sheehan bibliography

  • A Presentation for my Class by Cate, age 10, added to Just for Kids.

  • Lessons Learned from Rock Climbing by Brad, 8th grade, added to Just for Teens.

  • Three additional books about stuttering were added to Bookstore

  • Guest Editorial: To our Clinicians by Charles Van Riper

  • Teacher Checklist-Fluency designed by Nina Reardon for clinicians to use to facilitate information sharing and consultation with the teacher of a child who stutters.

  • International Stuttering Awareness Day, 1999 announcement

  • The JPEGs of a 5 page ASHA Convention Speech by Charles Van Riper. Also available as straight text.

  • Three items added to Van Riper "journal."
  • Van Riper Tribute and a Joseph Sheehan story from Gretchen Guck Fifer, WMU 1954, University of South Carolina 1979

  • Several new fun links added to Some great places to visit (and other "good stuff") on the Just for Kids Page.

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  • Looking for a Little Hope by Christopher Kessler, age 16.

  • Don't You Know by Sergio Torres.

  • Touched by an Angel episode featuring a person who stutters, added to stuttering portrayed on TV

  • Added two new books (It and The Beans of Egypt, Maine) to Stuttering in Contemporary Literature

  • When I Stutter, by Blake, age 8, added to Just for Kids.

  • Additions to Clinical Nuggets

  • "Getting an A+ - for a school SPEAKING presentation?! by Gina Waggott

  • My Toastmasters Experience by Tom Scharstein,

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  • Wendell Johnson And Charles Van Riper: A Remembrance of Them and Their Era by Dave Williams

  • FRIENDS Stuttering Presentation Guide by John Ahlbach.

  • Clinical Nuggets from the Special Interest Division#4 Newsletter.

  • Information about Anthony Caruso's CDROM added to the Bookstore

  • Addition to On the lighter side by Robert Morschel

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  • Added four new books that feature people who stutter, to Stuttering in Contemporary Literature

  • Information on how to download A Hypercard Program about Stuttering made by Tim to educate his classmates about stuttering.

  • Mis-Step by Emily added to Creative Expression.

  • A Wonderful Card by Russ Hicks, added to People Who Stutter Speak for Themselves.

  • Information about Botox (Botulinum toxin) used in the treatment of stuttering.

  • Yukio Mishima's The Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Vintage Books (1994) and a short review added to Stuttering in Popular Literature

  • Enjo (1958), based on The Pavilion of the Golden Temple a novel by Yukio Mishima added to Movies that portray people who stutter.

  • Trois Vies et Une Seule Mort (Three Lives & Only One Death) added to Movies that portray people who stutter.

  • Anecdote from Bonnie Weiss added to "On The Lighter Side."

  • Murder in a Small Town, a made-for-TV movie, added to Television Portrayals of People Who Stutter

  • The lyrics to "Stutter Rap (No sleep till bedtime)" by Morris Minor & the Majors added to Songs About Stuttering

  • New course syllabus from Dr. Robert Quesal.

  • Organizing Your Workshop a practical guide to organizing a local or regional workshop for Children Who Stutter, compiled by Michael Sugarman.

  • Par Barker's Regeneration trilogy, composed of three novels Regeneration, The Eye in the Door, and The Ghost Road and Terry Prachett's Equal Rites added to Stuttering in Contemporary Literature, along with brief reviews by the individuals who suggested adding them.

  • The entire fifth edition (minus appendix and footnotes) of Self-Therapy for the Stutterer, by Malcolm Fraser. (This is in one large file of 138K)

  • Dates and contact information added to conference page about SID4 Leadership Conference (San Diego, CA), Speak Easy of New Jersey Symposium (Montvale, New Jersey), Canadian Stuttering Conference, FRIENDS Annual Convention (Boston, USA), Bundesvereinigung Stotterer-Selbsthilfe e.V Annual Congress, Australian Speak Easy Association National Convention, and 3rd World Congress on Fluency Disorders (Nyborg, Denmark), 5th British Stammering Association National Conference in Manchester from 8-10 October 1999.

  • Added a book review by Sarah, of a book for ages 9-13 to the suggested books for kids to read. Hansen, Joyce, I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly - The Reconstruction Era Diary of Patsy (Dear America), Scholastic Trade, 1997.

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