Uniquely Me Activity

by Shirley Smith, M.S., CCC/SP

Goal: Each participant realize his/her own uniqueness

Slogan: I am special!

Materials: Cut out stars with one participant's name on each star, unique quality signs, glue, markers, large chart with unique qualities on chalk board, static images or paper. Chart includes:


1. All participants stand in center location.

2. Leader says, "All girls sit down and boys stand." The "boys" unique quality sign is held up by leader or helper. (After that is completed it will be the girls turn).

3. The "Likes Sports" unique quality sign is held up and the leader says, "if you like sports keep standing and if you don't, please sit down. We'll get back to the sitters later".

4. Continue holding up unique quality signs, one at a time, having the "no's" sit down until you have one participant standing.

5. Leader comments on the fact that he is the only one in the room that is a boy, likes sports, etc. naming qualities that make him unique.

6. Leader or helpers comment on something else they especially liked. For example, "I like the way he shared the ____, "I love the way he kept smiling," "He was so patient during this activity, " etc.

7. The comment is written on the star with his name, ("nice smile," "patient" etc) and the star with his name is glued to the appropriate spot on the chart.

8. Repeat until all participants have their name on the chart. For example say, "OK let's go back to you light haired boys who like sports."


1. Leave chart on wall for the day.

2. Post "I am special" slogan with the chart and discuss slogan.